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Demosarte (later on Taiko), business ID 2795856-9 sells products to companies and private persons above 18 in Finland. All prices shown include VAT. We reserve the right to price and delivery cost changes.

You can order products in the webshop by placing products in the shopping basket and paying for them through the payment service.

All customer information is handled confidentially. The contact information given when placing the order is not used for anything else but delivery of the order and for resolving possible issues with the order. When ordering from our web store you are expected to have acquainted yourself and committed yourself to the terms and conditions valid at the time of purchase.


The payment service between vendors and consumers is offered by Maksuturva Group Ltd (Company registration number 2121703-0) in co- operation with banks and credit institutions. You as a consumer are not required to register or pay extra costs for using the payment service. Maksuturva Group Ltd is an authorized payment institution supervised by the Financial Supervisory Authority (FIN-FSA). All data transfer and money transactions are SSL secured meaning that no external party can see your personal information. Maksuturva Group Oy will show as the recipient of the payment.

Your payment will immediately be registered for Taiko and a confirmation email is sent to your inbox.

Online bank payments

You can use the online payment services of all Finnish banks. For the buyer, the service functions as regular online bank payments.

Card payments

Card payments and Danske Bank's MobilePay payments in our webstore are provided by Maksuturva Group Ltd in cooperation with Solinor Oy and Bambora AB. Maksuturva Group Ltd submits card payment and MobilePay payment transactions to Bambora AB, which has acquiring-agreements with the international card companies (Mastercard and Visa). Card numbers are not recorded in Maksuturva Group Ltd's systems; the card data is processed by the technical service provider Solinor Oy. Solinor Oy has the highest 'PCI DSS Level 1' security certification as per the PCI DSS security standard developed by the international card companies. For its own activities, Maksuturva Group Ltd is certified to the PCI DSS standard.

Contact information:

Maksuturva Group Ltd
Business ID: 2121703-0
Keilaranta 5
02150 Espoo
Tel. (09) 42 41 7040, workdays between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.
Email: asiakaspalvelu@maksuturva.fi


Payment by instalment or invoice is handled by Maksuturva Group Oy in cooperation with Resurs Bank. These payment options are only available in Finnish, which is why the following texts are in Finnish.

Laskulla tai osamaksulla ostamisen maksunvälityksen hoitaa Maksuturva Group Oy yhteistyössä Resurs Bankin kanssa. Sopimukseen sovelletaan Resurs Bankin yleisiä ehtoja.

Resurs Bank Lasku/Erämaksu

  • Maksaessasi laskulla asioit turvallisesti ja helposti. Maksat ostoksesi vasta toimituksen jälkeen.
  • Saat aina 30-60 päivää korotonta ja kulutonta maksuaikaa, ostohetkestä aina seuraavan kalenterikuukauden loppuun asti.
  • Mikäli haluat jakaa maksusi eriin, valitse laskun saatuasi viidestä eri maksuvaihtoehdosta itsellesi sopivin.
  • Näet maksuvaihtoehdot laskullasi. Valittavanasi on 3 kk, 6 kk, 12 kk, 24 kk sekä 48 kk:n maksuvaihtoehto.
  • Yli 3 kk maksuvaihtoehdoista perittävä tilimaksu laskutetaan toisen maksuerän yhteydessä.
  • Erämaksu käynnistyy automaattisesti, kun maksat ensimmäisen erän.
  • Voit milloin tahansa maksaa koko loppuvelan kuluitta pois.

Löydät tarkemmat tiedot Resurs Bank Lasku/Erämaksusta täältä

Lasku/Erämaksulla tehdyssä ostoksessa toimitusosoitteen täytyy olla Väestörekisterin mukainen osoite. Lasku postitetaan kotiisi ostosta seuraavan kalenterikuukauden lopussa, noin kaksi viikkoa ennen sen erääntymistä.

Lasku/Erämaksulla ostettaessa ostotilanteessa tehdään luottokysely. Tunnistautuminen tapahtuu pankkitunnuksilla. Hyväksytty luottopäätös edellyttää moitteettomia luottotietoja sekä 20 vuoden ikää.


Resurs Bank AB Suomen sivuliike

y-tunnus 2110471-4

PL 3900

00002 Helsinki

Mikäli sinulla on kysymyksiä laskuun tai erämaksuun liittyen, voit olla yhteydessä Resurs Bankin asiakaspalveluun:

Puhelin: 09 622 4308, arkisin klo 8.00 – 18.00

Sähköposti: asiakaspalvelu@resurs.fi



We deliver inside Finland only, except to the Aland Islands. Artists living on Aland can however sell their artwork to elsewhere in Finland.

Delivery time is 4-9 working days, unless another delivery time is stated in the artwork information. Taiko takes no responsibility in a force major delay or any indirect hindrances.

Posti fetches the artwork from the artist who is responsible of packing the artwork according to Posti's guidelines. Posti delivers the artwork to the address given by the buyer. Shipping costs 20 euros and is paid by the buyer. The delivery cost is included in the final price that the buyer pays in the webshop.

Delivery fee remains the same even if the buyer purchases several artworks at the same time.

The artwork will be delivered to the buyer in the address stated when making a purchase on Taiko. Posti can contact the recipient two times to agree on the delivery time. The service includes one delivery attempt - a new delivery can be agreed on with an additional cost.

Deliveries are done on weekdays. In bigger cities, deliveries are possible until 9 p.m. In other areas, deliveries are done by 2 p.m.

Recipient's phone number is mandatory for Posti to be able to reach the recipient. If the recipient is not reached, Posti leaves a contact request. If the recipient does not contact Posti, the delivery will be returned to the sender within 14 days.

All artwork is insured during the transportation. When sending, the artist needs to pack the artwork according to Posti's guidelines. When refunding an artwork, the buyer is responsible of following the packaging guidelines.

If the product disappears or gets destroyed during the transport or otherwise does not fit your order, you need to inform Taiko within 14 days.

Posti's general terms are applied for transportation.

Group insurance for the clients of Taiko

Group insurance according to § 2 of the Insurance Agreement Act (1994/543) is issued by If P&C Insurance Company Ltd (business ID 1614120-3, home municipality Helsinki), read more about If P&C and e.g. handling of personal information on www.if.fi

Transport insurance

The insurance is valid for the benefit of the user of Taiko web shop's service, when the goods purchased from the service are being delivered to him/her.

The insurance also covers return transports from the buyer to the seller in the event of a complaint or similar under the same requirements for the packing and preparing the goods for the transport as for the original transportation.

The insurance

  • attaches from the time the goods, in direct connection with the insured transit, leave their place in the warehouse or place of storage for an immediate loading into the means of transport at the place named in the sales or transport agreement for the commencement of the insured transit,
  • continues during an ordinary transport and the insurance comprises normal re-loading and intermediate storage with unloadings and loadings, and
  • terminates when the goods are unloaded from the vehicle at the place of destination.

The insurance is valid in Finland according to what is agreed in the service.

The insurance covers the goods purchased via the service in the condition it was prior to the commencement of the transport.

All risk - insurance covers sudden and unforeseen damage to goods due to an external cause subject to exclusions stated later in these terms.

Exclusions - the insurance does not cover

  • damage caused by wilful acts of the policyholder, insured or similar,
  • damage due to that the Policyholder or other party entitled to compensation has, intentionally or due to gross negligence, failed to comply with the safety regulations as stated in this terms document,
  • damage or loss due to properties of the goods,
  • interest losses or cyclical losses, increased costs or other indirect or consequential losses,
  • normal wastage or evaporation or normal abrasion, wear or scratching,
  • damage caused by the goods not being appropriately packed, protected and equipped to withstand the normal strain of transport, taking into consideration the good is susceptibility to damage and the transport, handling and storage circumstances
  • damage, liability or cost which is directly or indirectly caused by or to which has contributed
  • ionising radiation or radioactive pollution caused by nuclear fuel or nuclear waste or the burning of nuclear fuel
  • an explosive nuclear plant, reactor or other nuclear device or related component or a radioactive, poisonous or other dangerous or contaminating characteristic
  • a weapon or device running on nuclear fission and/or nuclear fusion or similar reaction or radioactive power or substance
  • an explosive radioactive substance or a radioactive, poisonous or other dangerous or contaminating characteristic. The exclusion of this sub-section does not apply to radioactive isotopes, except for nuclear fuel, when isotopes are produced, transported, stored or used for commercial purposes or in agriculture, medicine, science or for other peaceful purposes.
  • chemical, biological, biochemical or electromagnetic weapon,
  • the use or operation, as a means for inflicting harm, of any computer, computer system, computer software program, malicious code, computer virus or process or any other electronic system,
  • liability to compensate for damage and loss incurred by a third party,
  • damage or loss due to confiscation of goods, arrest, requisition or other similar measure taken by authorities,
  • cost or expenses caused by delay in transport,
  • fines, debt collection charges or like costs or
  • costs of the removal and destruction of damaged goods.

The insured value of the goods equals their market value in the place where and at the time that the insurance attaches.

The sum insured is EUR 8 000.

The maximum amount of compensation paid by the insurer per event of damage is the sum insured or the insured value, whichever is lower. Notwithstanding the above, the insurer covers all reasonable and necessary costs arising from compliance with the duty to prevent or limit a threatening loss or damage covered by the insurance, even if the sum insured were thereby exceeded.

For each loss, the deductible of EUR 150 will be subtracted from the amount of compensation.

It is the responsibility of the insured to ensure that

  • the goods, before the beginning of the transport, have been packed, stowed, stored, oiled or in other mean prepared for the transport in a professional way
  • the mean of transport or carrier are suitable for a safe transport of the goods
  • other regulations stipulated by the insurer, Taiko or by any competent authorities are followed.

Reception of goods

The buyer or its representative must inspect the goods received. If a damage is noticed in the reception of goods, the buyer needs to notify it to the carrier. Otherwise, they immediately need to contact Taiko. They must also take other necessary measures to ensure their and the insurer's right to claim compensation from the party responsible for damage.

Due date for presenting a claim and loss of entitlement to compensation

A written claim based on the insurance contract must be presented to the insurer within six months from the date when the claimant received notice of their right to compensation, and no later than within ten years from the occurrence of the insured event. If the claim is not presented within this period, the claimant loses the entitlement to compensation.

Compensation and recovered goods

The insurer must be informed if the goods for which the insurer has paid compensation are later found or recovered.

The insurance company's right to reclaim compensation paid

When the insurer pays compensation for an event, the injured party's right to claim compensation from the liable party is transferred to the insurer.

Repair Costs or Decrease in Value

If the damaged goods can be repaired, the amount of loss or damage equals the repair costs. An increase in repair costs resulting from an extraordinary repair method chosen by the party entitled to compensation or from an activity relating to this will not be compensated.

If the goods are not repaired, the decrease in value of the goods is assessed by a joint agreement of the parties to the contract. If either party so requires, the decrease in the value of the goods can be assessed by an external goods inspector on the account of the party requiring such inspection. The decrease in value can also be determined by selling the goods.

In assessing losses or damage due to diminishing or leakage, the amount of wastage agreed or normal according to the trading practice is deducted.

Goods Destroyed

For destroyed goods the amount of loss or damage is their insurable value. In case the damaged goods are compensated to their full value and some part of the damaged goods remains which has monetary value, the Insurance Company may exercise its right to decide on the goods.

Disappearance of Goods and Abandoned Goods

The amount of loss or damage is the insurable value also when

  • a carrier or other party to which the goods have been entrusted admits in writing that the goods have disappeared
  • the goods have disappeared and have not been recovered within 28 days from the estimated date of arrival as regards domestic transport in Finland or 60 days in international transport
  • due to an insured event, the goods have not reached their destination within one month from the estimated date of arrival as regards domestic transport in Finland or three months in international transport and the whereabouts of the goods are not known
  • due to an insured event, the goods cannot be saved or delivered to their destination at reasonable cost within three months from the estimated date of arrival.

Appealing against the insurer's decision

If the insured is not satisfied with the decision of the insurer,

  • the decision can be brought before the Finnish Financial Ombudsman Bureau ( fine.fi/en ) for recommended settlement, or
  • legal action can be brought against the Insurance Company.

Legal proceedings can be started at the Finnish city or district court within whose jurisdiction the interested party or the insurer is domiciled, or within whose jurisdiction the insured event occurred. Under threat of forfeiting the right of appeal, a decision by the insurer must be appealed against within three years from the date on which the interested party received written notice of the decision.


All goods have a 14 day return right. The buyer pays the return costs and agrees on practical arrangements with Taiko. Posti fetches the artwork directly from the buyer and delivers it back to the artist.

Please bear in mind that refunding is applicable only for intact goods (unless they have already been destroyed when delivered) without any signs of use. The goods shall be packed preferably using original materials and they have to be packed following these guidelines:

- Ensure that the package is intact.

- There should be no empty space in the package.

- If necessary, use foam plastic, styrofoam or bubble wrap as soft packaging material.

- Place cardboard between flat and fragile items.

- You will get an address label from Taiko. Affix it to the largest even and visible surface of the package so that the bar code is mechanically readable. The address label must not be folded over the edge of the package or placed where the package is sealed.

Agree with Taiko on the day for fetching the package. Fetching during working days is at 4 p.m. at the latest. Make sure that there is someone on place to hand over the package to the Post courier.

The money will be refunded within 14 days when the product has been returned.


An artist retains copyright to the artwork and the right to access the artwork.

The artist can ask the buyer to borrow his or her artwork for an exhibition. Terms and details regarding a potential borrowing of artwork are agreed to separately.


Personal data act (523/1999) 10 §

  1. Main administrator

Demosarte general partnership/Demosarte
Lehtotie 6
20760 Piispanristi
Business ID 2795856-9


  1. Contact person regarding the database:

Patrik Edman

  1. Database name

Taiko customer database

  1. The function of handling personal information

The customer's personal information can be handled for following purposes:

  • processing orders
  • email marketing (not mandatory)
  1. Database content

The database includes various information depending on if the registrant is a buyer or an artist.

The database can include following information about the buyer:

  • name
  • address
  • phonenumber
  • company name
  • email address
  • order history

The database includes following information about the artist:

  • name
  • date of birth
  • address
  • phonenumber
  • email address
  • bank account number for the sales transactions
  • sales history
  1. Official sources of information

The collected data is entered into the database by the customers themselves.

  1. Giving out personal information

Taiko will not give out personal information to external parties without the person's consent except from mandatory webshop partners such as the payment provider and the delivery provider. Information can be given to authorities as obliged by the law.

  1. Moving information outside EU or EEA

No information is moved outside EU or EEA.

  1. Confidentiality

The information technology based database is stored in an encrypted and protected cloud service. All personal information is stored in a system which requires passwords to be able to access.

The information is accessible for Taiko's employees who need the information taking care of their work tasks. They have obligation to observe secrecy.

In case you would like your account to be removed, please contact us by email: info@taiko.fi