Return policy

All goods have a 14 day refund period. The buyer pays the return costs and agrees on practical arrangements with Taiko. Posti fetches the artwork directly from the buyer and delivers it back to the artist.

Please bear in mind that refunding is applicable only for intact goods (unless they have already been destroyed when delivered) without any signs of use. The goods shall be packed preferably using original materials and they have to be packed following these guidelines:

  • Ensure that the package is intact.
  • There should be no empty space in the package.
  • If necessary, use foam plastic, styrofoam or bubble wrap as soft packaging material.
  • Place cardboard between flat and fragile items.
  • You will get an address label from Taiko. Affix it to the largest even and visible surface of the package so that the bar code is mechanically readable. The address label must not be folded over the edge of the package or placed where the package is sealed. Agree with Taiko on the day for fetching the package. Fetching during working days is at 4 p.m. at the latest. Make sure that there is someone on place to hand over the package to the Post courier.

The money will be refunded within 14 days when the product has been returned.