Taiko offers various payment methods, depending on the buyer's geographical location. International buyers are offered card payments (Visa, MasterCard, Eurocard). In Finland, you may choose online bank payment, card payments, instalment, invoice or mobile payment. The payment methods offered are shown when moving to Maksuturva, the payment service used by Taiko.

Your payment will immediately be registered for Taiko and a confirmation email is sent to your inbox.

If you are a corporate customer, Taiko can send an invoice. In that case, please contact us,

Taiko's payment service is offered by Maksuturva Group Ltd (in co-operation with banks and credit institutions). Buyers are not required to register or pay extra costs for using the payment service. All data transfer and money transactions are SSL secured which means that no external party can see your personal information.

The products on Taiko include VAT (value added tax). VAT is applicable for private persons within the EU and for companies in Finland. Companies within the EU do not pay VAT. Private and corporate customers outside the EU do not pay VAT when making a purchase on Taiko. When buying and delivering goods outside the EU, the receiver is responsible for local taxes, customs duty and other comparable costs.


Payment by instalment or invoice is handled by Maksuturva Group Oy in cooperation with Resurs Bank. These payment options are only available in Finland, which is why the following texts are in Finnish.


Jos haluat maksaa osamaksulla, valitse maksuvaihtoehdoista Resurs Bank Lasku/Erämaksu. Sen valitsemalla saat sähköpostitse laskun, jonka maksamisen voit halutessasi jakaa eriin.

Valittavanasi on 3, 6, 12, 24 ja 48 kuukauden maksuvaihtoehto. Erämaksu käynnistyy automaattisesti, kun maksat ensimmäisen erän. Esimerkiksi 1500 euron ostoksessa 6 kuukauden maksuajalla kuukausieräksi tulee noin 260 euroa.

Voit milloin tahansa maksaa koko loppuvelan kuluitta pois.

Löydät tarkemmat tiedot Resurs Bank Lasku/Erämaksusta täältä

Osamaksun enimmäissumma on 2000 euroa


Jos haluat maksaa laskulla, valitse maksuvaihtoehdoista Resurs Bank Lasku/Erämaksu. Saat sähköpostitse laskun, joten maksat ostoksesi vasta toimituksen jälkeen.

Laskulla saat aina 30-60 päivää korotonta ja kulutonta maksuaikaa, ostohetkestä aina seuraavan kalenterikuukauden loppuun asti.

Laskun enimmäissumma on 2000 euroa.

Jos sinulla on kysymyksiä laskuun tai erämaksuun liittyen, voit olla yhteydessä Resurs Bankin asiakaspalveluun:

Puhelin: 09 622 4308, arkisin klo 8.00 – 18.00


See more about payments in the section Terms and conditions.