Meet Taiko's grand old lady

Totte Mannes is a rare artist. She is one of the Finnish visual artists, who has made an international career. Totte has been living in Madrid since the 70's, and she has had exhibitions around the world, from Mexico to Argentina and Italy to the Net...
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Win a gift card

Taiko - the webshop for Finnish art, has now been open for two months. As a little celebration, we will raffle a gift card worth 250 euros between all February buyers. You participate in the sweepstake automatically when buying artwork or a gift card...
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Making art is a must

Helsinki-based painter Elina Laurinen gets inspired by people, nature and bypassing moments. For her, making art is as necessary as breathing. How did you become an artist? "I've always made pictures and known that I want to be an artist. I don't rem...
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Food art

Food has inspired plenty of Taiko artists. We picked some food themed artworks from the selection. Which one is your favorite? See the whole artwork and buy it by clicking the picture. Jarkko Rantanen: Still Life with Fruits, 2009. 174 x 125 x 3 cm,...
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See artworks in your own space

Would you like to see how an artwork fits in your own home or office before buying it? This is possible through the image feature Taiko Test. With Taiko Test you can place an artwork into your own space. Taiko Test makes it easier to visualize how th...
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Art for the kids' room

A unique artwork brings color and a nice atmosphere into the kids' room. We listed ten artworks that feed imagination and fit perfectly on the wall of children rooms. Artwork is a good choice for a baptism gift for a baby or a birthday gift for a bit...
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Figurative art interests buyers

Figurative art has been popular among visitors and buyers on Taiko, the webshop for Finnish art. Buyers have been especially interested in artworks with human motives. Taiko's curator Maija Kasvinen handpicked some human related artworks from the sel...
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Ask Taiko’s curator

Buying art is often a very personal matter. Taiko’s curator Maija Kasvinen kan help you choose art that suits your preference. Which artwork would fit in my home? Or what feelings and messages does the art of a certain artist convey? Is the art of th...
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Familiar faces on Taiko

On Taiko, you can meet a bunch of celebrities and historical figures. Why not hang one of them on your living room wall? We collected some familiar characters from Kekkonen, the former president of Finland, to Medusa, known from Greek mythology. Clic...
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5 most viewed artworks

Art webshop Taiko has been open for a month. Here are the most viewed artworks. 1. Petra Kaminen-Mosher: Shore Dance "I have a preference for oil painting technique, breaking down the subject into its tones, colours, and shapes, and then building an...
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Unique art - why?

We recently launched Taiko, a webshop for Finnish art. The service has received a warm welcome, which makes us very happy. Thousands of users have already browsed the approximately 3700 artworks by more than 300 artists. Many have also acquired art f...
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Art under 500 euros

Taiko's selection includes art from various price categories. We chose two artworks from all Taiko's four main art categories with a price tag below 500 euros. See more details of the artworks by clicking the images. More art in different prices...
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Merry Christmas!

Taiko, the webshop for unique Finnish art, has been open to the public since the end of November. We want to thank all visitors and artists for the positive and constructive feedback. Taiko is naturally open during the Christmas Holidays as well. Eve...
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Fascinating graphic prints

Taiko offers a wide selection of graphic prints. Curator Maija Kasvinen browsed through the selection and picked three interesting graphic prints. In Kari Laitisen's work, Maija is intrigued by the colorful and gentle minimalism. Eeva Honkanen has, a...
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Three upcoming names

Taiko presents many new and promising artists. Taiko's curator Maija Kasvinen has handpicked three artists, which she predicts will be future names in the Finnish visual arts field. "All these artists have an esthetic and style of their own, which ra...
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Taiko's launch party

Taiko was launched the 30th of November at an opening ceremony in Helsinki. There were around 70 guests present, including artists, partners and people who had participated in Taiko's crowdfunding campaign. Kirsi Korhonen from the Artists' Associatio...
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Animal themes popular

One week after opening, we can see a significant interest in animal themed artworks on Taiko, the new webshop for Finnish art. Artworks portraying animals have been selling the most. This is not surprising, considering how well they are presented in...
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Welcome to Taiko!

Welcome to Taiko – the most versatile art webshop in Finland. Taiko’s core team: Nacho, Maria, Patrik, Mikaela, Barun, Dev and Pia. On Taiko, you can browse and purchase paintings, sculptures, graphic prints and photo art by Finnish profe...
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Taiko Hall of Fame

Taiko's crowdfunding campaign gained almost 13 000 euros for the development and marketing of Taiko. Read morea about the campaign that ended in October and the substitution packages on crowdfunding service Mesenaatti. Below is a list of art lovers w...
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Meet the curator

Taiko's curator, Maija Kasvinen, functions also as the chairman of the Finnish Society for Curators. Every artist applying to Taiko is evaluated. If the artist is member in Register of the Artists' Association of Finland or member of a certain art a...
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