Watch videos of Taiko artists

There are tens of videos of Taiko's artists, where they tell about themselves and their art. The videos reveal a new dimension of the artist. We have collected all the artist videos below. You are directed straight to the artist's page on Taiko by cl...
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Do you know these artists?

Get familiar with new, interesting artists! Taiko's Artist Dozen regularly presents 12 artists through their works. Learn more about the artist and see more of their production by clicking the name. The image takes to straight to the artwork page whe...
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Have a bite of eyecandy

If hunger surprises you, Taiko offers a solution. Food inspires many artists, so there is a lot of eyecandy available. However, these delicious portions are not recommended to be eaten, but perhaps a suitable place for one of them could be found on y...
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See September most clicked artists

The most clicked artists on Taiko in September offer an interesting and versatile selection of Finnish contemporary art. Among the most viewed ones are both established well-known names and young rising stars. See which artists' pages have been visit...
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Buy a cat from Taiko

Cats are the most common pet animals in the world. It is estimated, that there are around 600 million cats worldwide, including both domestic and wild cats. Cats are a natural source of inspiration for many artists as well. We picked out 15 cat relat...
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Get inspired by the autumn trends

Autumn is new beginnings, nights getting darker and beautiful colours of the nature. Autumn is also the perfect time to renew your decoration as the new trends arrive. Purchasing new art is a quick and effective way to brighten up your home. Art is a...
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See the latest photos

Photoart is very trendy at the moment. Many of the works for sale on Taiko are printed on aluminium, making them long-lasting and easy to hang. We hand-picked some of the latest photographies in different price categories. Choose your favorite and ge...
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Get a statuesque family member!

A rockhard heart or a head made of wood. Thick skin and muscles like iron. Despite the hardness, a sculpture is full of personality and beauty. It is a long-lasting family member who doesn’t scream or get wounded easily. In a sculpture, metal,...
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We ship worldwide

Welcome! Benvenuto! Willkommen! Bienvenue! Välkommen! Bienvenido! Yōkoso! Huānyíng! With these words Taiko wishes all international friends of art welcome to the world of Finnish visual arts. Taiko, the online marketplace for Finnish art,...
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See the latest graphic prints

Buying graphic prints from Taiko is easy and affordable. Graphic prints are popular and approachable and there are pieces available for every taste. Taiko's newest graphic prints already have a hint of autumn colours. Check out the newest graphic pri...
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See the most clicked artworks

Motorbikes, reindeers and gardens gave inspiration to the most viewed artworks on Taiko. See which 10 works collected the most views during the hot month of July. Click the image to find out if the artwork is still available.   1. Jyrki Setä...
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It all started from Elena

Taiko, the online marketplace for Finnish art, would probably never have been created if it wasn't for painter Elena Gabbasova. It is thanks to her that the idea of an online marketplace for Finnish art was born. - It is of course nice to, although i...
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See the most clicked artists

The most clicked artists on Taiko at the moment offer an interesting and versatile selection of Finnish contemporary art. Among the most viewed ones are both established well-known names and young rising stars. See which artists' pages have been visi...
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Summer of love on Taiko

Summer is the prime time for love. Some love the sun or swimming in the sea, others fall in love with a new ice cream flavor or the person at the next table. Summer is in the air on Taiko, the online marketplace for Finnish art, as well. Taiko's Summ...
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Festival collection

July and August is high season for various music festivals. Which is your favourite festival) Is it perhaps Pori Jazz, Savonlinna Opera Festival or some rock festival? We picked some artworks that fit the spirit of different festivals. Click on the i...
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Art at Housing Fair

Taiko participates in the Housing Fair event in the city of Pori. Taiko co-operates with the real estate company Solid House by bringing unique art to the two showcase houses of Solid House. The Housing Fair area is located by the Kokemäki river...
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Memories from Finland

Memories play an important part of our lives. One way to cherish your memories is to tie them to something physical, like artworks. Having art in your home or office is like having your memories visible all the time, reminding you of certain periods...
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Art experiences through skating

Visual arts and figure skating have a lot in common. Taiko sponsors the female figure skating team Helsinki Rockettes that is a 3-time world champion. Read how Martina Timonen, one of the members, seesd art, skatingn and our co-operation.   You...
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Art with colorful vibes

- I’m fascinated by colors. A friend once called me a colorist, and I guess that’s what I am, Petra Kaminen Mosher says. Taiko meets Petra at her studio in Oulu, in a nice green neighborhood just a few kilometers from downtown. The small...
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Art as a graduation gift

Taiko’s intern, advertising design student Ilona Aaltonen, talks about her own views on art and about what kind of art might be a good choice for a graduation gift. ”I think art is a great gift for a graduating kid. A young, graduating pe...
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