This is why I bought art

Taiko, the online store for Finnish art, has during its short existence sold the art of many artists. In other words, many consumers and companies have acquired Finnish art to their homes and offices. Taiko’s goal, to offer a versatile online m...
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Taiko opens pop-up shop

Jarkko Rantanen: Tussock, 765 €. Taiko, the webshop for Finnish art, opens up a pop-up shop in the Hansa shopping centre in Turku. The shop is open three days during the Night of the Arts (Taiteiden yö) in Turku. The doors are open on 15th...
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Most viewed in July

The most viewed artists in July are all painters. Take a closer look at the artists and their art by clicking the images below. Hopeful and thoughtful art   Annuli Viherjuuri   Kokkola-based artist Annuli Viherjuuri was already as a child k...
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Finland 100 - sculptures

Taiko, the online store for Finnish art, celebrates Finland’s 100th anniversary in the form of an art cavalcade. it is a serie in four parts, diving into the anniversary through Taiko’s art forms, i.e. paintings, graphic prints, photo art...
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Taiko goes sailing

This week, the sailing event Tall Ships Races visits Finland. The vessels already sailed from Halmstad, Sweden, to Kotka and will be in Turku during the rest of the week. In honor of the event, we picked some sailing and sea themed artworks from Taik...
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Gofore invests in art

Tech company Gofore invests in Finnish visual arts. The company has bought 12 artworks from Taiko to its office spaces in Tampere. The aim is to stimulate and increase creativity in the work place.   Elina Ruohonen: Nimetön. Most of th...
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Bringing joy

Tampere-based visual artist Inka Ylihärsilä has unique humor in her works. She considers having succeeded if an image makes one laugh out loud. "There are enough bad and sad things in life. For me, it feels natural to bring out the positive...
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Seizing the moment

Calming the mind down and living strongly in the moment are starting points for Juha-Matti Pitkänen's art. "I aim to seize the moment and let intuition lead my work. My art could be called reflections from the experiences of existence", the Sipo...
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Finland 100 - graphic prints

Taiko, the online store for Finnish art, celebrates Finland's 100th anniversary in the form of an art cavalcade. This is a four part serie, diving into the anniversary through Taiko's four art forms, i.e. paintings, graphic prints, photo art and scul...
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Curse and blessing

It was a clear plan: First one year at the Liminka School of Arts. Then to study "a real and reasonable profession" with a monthly pay. Well, things don't always go as planned - Niina Kestilä became a professional artist. "Making art is like an...
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Summer art on Taiko

Summer is here also on Taiko, the online store for Finnish art. Taiko's artists are inspired by all seasons. Summer is naturally a big source of inspiration, as nature, the sea, lakes and landscapes show off their best sides. We picked some artworks...
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Taiko celebrates Helsinki

Taiko, the online store for Finnish art, celebrates Helsinki Day the 11th-12th June. There are hundreds of artworks with a city theme on Taiko, and Helsinki has been an inspiration for many of these works. We handpicked some artworks with Helsinki as...
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Most viewed in May

Two painters and a printmaker were the most viewed Taiko artist profiles in May. Printmaker Pekka Hokkanen from Tuusula was the most viewed, painter Roy Aurinko, also from Tuusula, the second most viewed while Hollola-based painter Tim...
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Taiko turned half a year

Taiko, the webshop for Finnish art, has celebrated its first six months in operation. Taiko opened in November of last year, and the service turned half a year on May 30th. The idea of a modern, easy and versatile online store for Finnish art wa...
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Art as an investment

Most of us buy art because it pleases the eye and soul or because it complements the interior design in the home or office. Art is therefore mostly an investment in yourself. Sometimes the goal might also be a rise in value. The investment perspectiv...
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Young artists among most viewed

Young visual artists rose among the most viewed artists on Taiko in April. Lots of views gained for example Linda Varoma, 31, living in Loviisa, Anne Järvi, 28, from Turku, and Niko Saarinen, 42, from Nurmijärvi. Get to know the artists and...
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Multiple images of one artwork

Taiko is constantly working on improving usability. We have now launched a feature, which gives the artist a possibility to upload multiple images of the same artwork. This makes it easier to visualize how an artwork looks, especially sculptures. Art...
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Spring on Taiko

Spring is in the air, also on Taiko, the online store for Finnish art. We handpicked six spring related artworks from Taiko's broad selection. Which is your favorite? You are linked directly to the artwork page by clicking the image.   Saara Kiu...
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Lapland on Taiko

"I rest my eyes by looking out the window, I squint my eyes. Branches stick out to all directions in all eight seasons; in the snowy and frosty winter as well as in the autumn and light summer nights. The bare hill landscapes and swamps are really cl...
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Religion inspires Henri

Religion, especially the Christian ideology and the stories in the Bible, inspire the Helsinki-based painter Henri Kivioja. Religion as a theme is clearly visible in the artworks that Henri has for sale on Taiko. Henri Kivioja "My spiritual lifeform...
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