Multiple images of one artwork

Taiko is constantly working on improving usability. We have now launched a feature, which gives the artist a possibility to upload multiple images of the same artwork. This makes it easier to visualize how an artwork looks, especially sculptures. Art...
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Spring on Taiko

Spring is in the air, also on Taiko, the online store for Finnish art. We handpicked six spring related artworks from Taiko's broad selection. Which is your favorite? You are linked directly to the artwork page by clicking the image.   Saara Kiu...
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Lapland on Taiko

"I rest my eyes by looking out the window, I squint my eyes. Branches stick out to all directions in all eight seasons; in the snowy and frosty winter as well as in the autumn and light summer nights. The bare hill landscapes and swamps are really cl...
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Religion inspires Henri

Religion, especially the Christian ideology and the stories in the Bible, inspire the Helsinki-based painter Henri Kivioja. Religion as a theme is clearly visible in the artworks that Henri has for sale on Taiko. Henri Kivioja "My spiritual lifeform...
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Most viewed artists

Three painters gained most views on their Taiko pages in March. The most viewed artist was Elina Ruohonen from Turku and the second most viewed Tampere-based painter Emmi Kallio. The third most visits were made to Timo Laitala's page. Get to kno...
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Bestselling Kuusamo painter

Painter Päivi Ollila from Kuusamo has taken Taiko's buyers by storm. Päivi was the first artist to sell on Taiko, and one of her paintings was sold already the first day. Päivi has sold closer to ten paintings through Taiko.  ...
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Welcome to new Taiko

Taiko has gotten a considerable facelift. The look and feel of the website has been simplified, and the webshop is more user-friendly. Taiko is a lot faster and the search function more versatile than previously. Another new thing is that selected so...
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Unknown pleasures 3

Unknown pleasures is a story created by Taiko’s curator Maija Kasvinen. It is a story of nature and technology, everyday life and decadence, love and death. This is the third part of the story where Maija presents four artworks of her liking. S...
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New Taiko coming soon

Taiko will soon get a considerable facelift. We will launch an art store that is renewed in many ways, for example the search function being almost completely re-done. The website will also be a lot faster which means a better user experience. The im...
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Sculptures for all

Taiko offers sculptures created with various techniques. Vi picked some of these sculptures from the sortiment. You are directed to the artwork's own page by clicking the image. Antti Nieminen, Fuuga II Antti Nieminen: Fuuga II, 2009 (aluminum), 120x...
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Unknown pleasures 2

Unknown pleasures is a story created by Taiko’s curator Maija Kasvinen. It is a story of nature and technology, everyday life and decadence, love and death. This is the second part of the story where Maija presents four artworks of her liking....
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Living in an ugly world

  "With the help of art, we can at least try to find solutions and see the miracles surrounding us." Painter Jukka Nopsanen got his artist gene from mother's milk. Born in 1950 in Helsinki, both of Jukka's parents as well as some relatives were...
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Unknown pleasures 1

Unknown pleasures is a story created by Taiko's curator Maija Kasvinen. It is a story of nature and technology, everyday life and decadence, love and death. This is the first part of the story where Maija presents three artworks of her liking. See mo...
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Meet Taiko's grand old lady

Totte Mannes is a rare artist. She is one of the Finnish visual artists, who has made an international career. Totte has been living in Madrid since the 70's, and she has had exhibitions around the world, from Mexico to Argentina and Italy to the Net...
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Win a gift card

Taiko - the webshop for Finnish art, has now been open for two months. As a little celebration, we will raffle a gift card worth 250 euros between all February buyers. You participate in the sweepstake automatically when buying artwork or a gift card...
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Making art is a must

Helsinki-based painter Elina Laurinen gets inspired by people, nature and bypassing moments. For her, making art is as necessary as breathing. How did you become an artist? "I've always made pictures and known that I want to be an artist. I don't rem...
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Food art

Food has inspired plenty of Taiko artists. We picked some food themed artworks from the selection. Which one is your favorite? See the whole artwork and buy it by clicking the picture. Jarkko Rantanen: Still Life with Fruits, 2009. 174 x 125 x 3 cm,...
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See artworks in your own space

Would you like to see how an artwork fits in your own home or office before buying it? This is possible through the image feature Taiko Test. With Taiko Test you can place an artwork into your own space. Taiko Test makes it easier to visualize how th...
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Art for the kids' room

A unique artwork brings color and a nice atmosphere into the kids' room. We listed ten artworks that feed imagination and fit perfectly on the wall of children rooms. Artwork is a good choice for a baptism gift for a baby or a birthday gift for a bit...
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Figurative art interests buyers

Figurative art has been popular among visitors and buyers on Taiko, the webshop for Finnish art. Buyers have been especially interested in artworks with human motives. Taiko's curator Maija Kasvinen handpicked some human related artworks from the sel...
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