Grab our Valentine's offer

Get an everlasting memory of Valentine's Day of 2019 through art. Our Valentine's offer gives you 10% off from all artworks on Taiko. Submit the code VALENTINE10 in the shopping cart. The offer ends on Thursday 14th of February at midnight. A handy g...
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See the latest prints

Buying unique prints from Taiko is easy and affordable. Prints are popular and approachable and there are pieces available for every taste. Check out the newest prints before it's too late. Click the picture for more information about each piece and...
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Spot a celebrity on Taiko!

There are many familiar faces on Taiko. Celebrities are a source of inspiration to many artist. The inspiration can come from love or sometimes even from hate. The following artworks are inspired by famous people and they will upgrade your home or of...
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Show attitude with a big artwork

From Taiko's collection you can find art in all sizes. A big and spectacular work of art brings attitude and personality to you decor. You can find the biggest paintings from Taiko's search by choosing XL as the size. This will show you all the piece...
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Buy a figurative painting

Do you have room for a new member in your home our office - in the form of art of course! We handpicked almost photosharp human themed paintings that sparkle with energy, creating a great atmosphere. Choose your favorite! Click the image to add it to...
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Create good atmosphere with art

Creating a good atmosphere has become more and more important for Finnish companies. The atmosphere forms the base of a company, and success is built on top of this base. If focus lies only on numbers and charts, the base may start to crumble. Marjo...
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Get a modern flower painting

Throughout the years, artists have been inspired by flowers and plants. There are plenty of flower themed artworks in Taiko's wide selection. We picked paintings with a modern twist. Choose your favorite and add it to the shopping cart by clicking th...
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Get a bonus artwork

Now is a good time to buy art from Taiko. Our New Year's campaign gives all Taiko buyers a unique, small print by Hanna Holopainen for free. The number of bonus artworks is limited. The campaign continues until Sunday 6th of January, or as...
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Style with black-and-white

Welcome the new year with style - buy black-and-white art to your home! Black-and-white artworks represent timeless elegance, and they blend in with any interior design. For your inspiration, we picked out some black-and-white artworks from Taiko's s...
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Win an artwork

Nature in winter time has inspired many of Taiko's artists. Which one of these winter sceneries is the most appealing for you? Tell on Taiko's Facebook page and win a beautiful print by Marko Lampisuo. The work is shown in the end of this article. Ta...
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Merry Christmas!

Taiko, the online store for Finnish art, wishes all art lovers and artists a relaxing Christmas! Enjoy the holidays with this selection of beautiful, appropriately red, artworks. You are directed to the artwork page by clicking the image. Päivi...
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Buy a gift card for Christmas

A Taiko gift card is the perfect Christmas present, and it takes only a few minutes to buy it. With a gift card, the receiver may choose an artwork that he or she really likes. An artwork is a lifelong memory, which brings joy and ambience every day....
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See artworks in your own space

Would you like to see how an artwork fits in your own home or office before buying it? This is possible through the image feature Taiko Test. With Taiko Test you can place an artwork into your own space. Taiko Test makes it easier to visualize how th...
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See the most clicked works of 2018

Which artworks gained the most views during the year? We collected the 15 most clicked but still available works on Taiko. Most of the works are abstract paintings but some figurative works and even an art rug are included, too. Add your favorite pie...
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Buy a unique Christmas gift

Give a personal and sustainable Christmas gift in the form of art. A unique piece of art creates memories and lasts for decades. We handpicked some artworks that fit perfectly with the Christmas season atmosphere. Add an artwork to the shopping...
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Taiko celebrates two years

More and more consumers and companies choose to buy art online. Around 40 percent more artworks have been bought from Taiko, the online marketplace for Finnish art, this year compared to the whole of last year. Altogether, more than 1000 artworks hav...
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Grab the Black Friday offer

Utilize our Black Friday offer and buy art on discount. With the code BLACK10, you get 10% off from all artworks on Taiko. Submit the code in the shopping cart. The offer is valid throughout the weekend. In the cover picture, Kari Soinio's Athletic H...
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Get energy from colours

November is a long and dark month. However, you can affect your mood with colours. An easy way to bring a bit of colour to your life is to choose a colourful artwork. The colour red is considered to be the colour of life - it's the colour of blood, h...
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Do you know these artists?

Get familiar with new, interesting artists! Taiko's Artist Dozen regularly presents 12 artists through their works. Learn more about the artist and see more of their production by clicking the name. The image takes to straight to the artwork page whe...
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See daddy's favourite artworks

What kind of art do fathers like? We asked three fathers to choose an artwork from Taiko's selection. You are guided to the artwork page by clicking the image.   Forest to the living room Tero Latvakangas, who will soon have his third child...
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