Win an aquarelle

Do you want this aquarelle by Natalia Rantala? We will draw this beautiful  artwork among all buyers on Taiko, the marketplace for Finnish art, in January.   Natalia Rantala: Summer in Lapland.   January is therefore a particularly good mon...
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Taiko looks ahead

Taiko can look back at a pretty hectic year, and the speed is not about to drop during 2018. We, the owners of Taiko, wanted to take a look back at the year that passed, but also shed a light on our future plans. Taiko's owners Patrik and Pia won an...
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Art for Christmas

Would you like to give sustainable and personal Christmas gifts? In that case, Finnish art is a good alternative. Art as a gift is a permanent memory, giving the receiver joy through life. Art acts as a reminder of the giver, and it hids a unique sto...
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Taiko congratulates Finland

Taiko, the online store for Finnish art, wishes everyone a happy independence day. At the same time, we congratulate 100 year old Finland! Now is a great time to support Finnish culture by purchasing unique art from Finnish visual artists. We gathere...
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Best selling artists

Taiko now has been live one year. Many artists have sold their creations through the new online marketplace for visual art, and some of the artists have even sold several artworks. Most artworks, 27 paintings, has sold the Kuusamo-based Päivi Ol...
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Meet Taiko's new curator

Nina Toppila is the new curator for Taiko, the online store for Finnish art. Nina brings valuable expertise from her long background in the art sector. Quality is an important criteria for Taiko, and the main task for the curator is to evaluate...
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Art to property company

Turku Technology Properties invests in Finnish visual art. The company bought artworks from several artists in November from Taiko, the online store for Finnish art. Turku Technology Properties acquired art from visual artist Anu Halmesmaa, pain...
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Most viewed artists in October

Taiko’s most viewed artists in October offer a versatile menu of figurative and abstract art. Get to know the artists and their selections by clicking the images. "I question and challenge" Kaj Stenvall   Painter Kaj Stenvall fro...
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Taiko one year

Taiko, the online store for Finnish art, turns one year in November. Taiko has during its first year of existence established itself as a new digital marketplace for Finnish art for both consumers and companies. Many have bought their first...
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Comeback for art in interior design

Original art has returned to homes and offices. According to the newest interior design trends people want more plentiful spaces after many years of spartan interior design. Interior design architects Emma Kattelus and Maina Laakso can clearly s...
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Colorful art on Taiko

The dark autumn nights make us long for brighter colors. We picked out some especially colorful artworks from Taiko's selection to bring light and color to both homes and offices. Click the images to see the artworks in their own pages on Taiko, the...
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New color search on Taiko

Taiko, the online store for Finnish art, has launched its new color search filter. Art is often a central interior design factor in homes and offices, and therefore also color plays an important role.   Pink color search on Taiko.   With Ta...
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Win an artwork

Would you like to have this artwork by printmaker Janne Laine? We will draw this amazing artwork among all buyers on Taiko, the marketplace for Finnish art, in October.   Janne Laine: Towards home   October is therefore a particularly good...
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Most viewed in September

Taiko's most viewed artists in September are all painters. Get to know the artists and their selections by clicking the images. Painting actress Maija Junno   Maija Junno is both a visual artist and an actress. She dives into the roles she plays...
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How to buy art from Taiko

It is now easy to buy art. Taiko, the online store for Finnish art, offers you easy art shopping from the comfort of your own couch. The art is delivered straight to your home or office. But why should I buy art? Well, art enhances your wellbeing and...
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Painting with obsession

Painter Gabriela Girs specializes in painting animals, especially dogs. Gabriela, who paints mostly with mixed technique, has studied art in open art academies in England and Spain, but considers herself a self-taught artist. Gabriela with...
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Taiko and Kesko in cooperation

Taiko, the marketplace for Finnish art, and Kesko have entered into an agreement regarding the art project at Kesko's new headquarter K-kampus. The cooperation consists of planning and executing the art experience at K-kampus. Initially, Kesko acquir...
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Cheerful and spiritual

Elena Hopsu descibes herself as a versatile artist interested in many things and working in a large scale. Elena's production includes cheerful paintings of toys as well as portraits and thougtful spiritual themes. "I enjoy painting and drawing diffe...
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Most viewed in August

Among the most viewed artists on Taikon in August were three photo artists, one painter and one graphic artist. Take a closer look at the artists and their art by clicking the images below. "Life is not that serious" Eve Alasaarela   For the Tam...
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Finland 100 - paintings

Taiko, the online store for Finnish art, celebrates Finland’s 100th anniversary in the form of an art cavalcade. It is a series in four parts, diving into the anniversary through Taiko’s art forms, i.e. paintings, graphic prints, photo ar...
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