Art with colorful vibes

- I’m fascinated by colors. A friend once called me a colorist, and I guess that’s what I am, Petra Kaminen Mosher says. Taiko meets Petra at her studio in Oulu, in a nice green neighborhood just a few kilometers from downtown. The small...
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Art as a graduation gift

Taiko’s intern, advertising design student Ilona Aaltonen, talks about her own views on art and about what kind of art might be a good choice for a graduation gift. ”I think art is a great gift for a graduating kid. A young, graduating pe...
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Summer came to Taiko

Summer arrived early this year. Taiko also enjoys the exceptionally warm weather, of course with art. We handpicked some artworks that have that special summer feeling. Buy an artwork with this summer ambiance to your home - this way, summer is prese...
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Get this with 1000 euros

An art purchase doesn’t have to be a huge investment. The price range of the pieces on sale on Taiko is wide and there is art available for every budget. With thousand euros you can get a versatile selection of art to brighten up your home or o...
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A wonderful memory for your mother

Give your mother a lasting memory of Mother’s Day 2018 and buy her a piece of art. If you act quickly you’ve still got time to order art as a gift. You can also delight your mother with a Taiko giftcard We have chosen some pieces from our...
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Art challenge - I'm in

Tens of companies and organizations have already entered Taiko's big art challenge. Why don't you join? Through the challenge, companies have enhanced creativity and well-being in the workplace and also created a pleasant environment for visitors and...
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May Day madness: Win a painting

Take a moment to shop for some art during the long May Day weekend. Everyone purchasing art from Taiko between 26.4 and 1.5. will take part in the raffle of a painting by Saara Kiuru. This is the perfect time to purchase Finnish art – for...
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Taiko goes retro

The 80's brings back memories and nostalgic feelings to many of us. It was the time when cassette tapes in your walkman played Modern Talking, Def Leppard or Kiss and when shoulder pads and mullets didn't make you blush, on the contrary. Taiko, the o...
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Business gifts from Taiko

What is a suitable gift to an employer, a business partner or a board member? An artwork or a gift card to Taiko guarantees that the receiver of the gift gets a permanent memory. At the same time, the giver of the gift promotes Finnish culture and ar...
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Strange and surprising

Visual artist Katri Mononen has been doing creative things since her childhood. She was inspired to become an artist after studying at an art school, but found her own style after the studies. How did you become an artist? - Ever since my childh...
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Wonderful women on Taiko

Taiko, the online marketplace for Finnish art, commemorates International Women's Day by focusing on women artists and their art. A majority of Taiko's around 500 artists are women. The age spectrum is considerable: the youngest artist is 25 years wh...
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Videos of Taiko's artists

Taiko, the online marketplace for Finnish art, wants to offer as much information about the artists and their art as possible. Taiko is developed continually, and as a new feature we can present videos on the artist's own Taiko page. In the videos, t...
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Toni Alaranta's heavenly art

Painter Toni Alaranta from Turku has painted since he was a teenager. Over the years, painting has become a more and more important part of his life. The sky often plays an important part in his paintings, which he calls "sighs" or even "prayers". -...
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Art with a smile

Art does not have to be, and shouldn't be, dead serious. It can be created and viewed with a twinkle in the eye as well. If an artwork makes you feel good, it has fulfilled its mission. Taiko offers lots of artworks that put a smile on your face. We...
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Taiko interests Sweden

Taiko, the online marketplace for Finnish art, attracts interest in Sweden. Team Taiko recently took a trip to Stockholm to meet potential partners, since Taiko soon will enable international deliveries. Finland and Finnish culture have gained t...
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Win an aquarelle

Do you want this aquarelle by Natalia Rantala? We will draw this beautiful  artwork among all buyers on Taiko, the marketplace for Finnish art, in January.   Natalia Rantala: Summer in Lapland.   January is therefore a particularly good mon...
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Taiko looks ahead

Taiko can look back at a pretty hectic year, and the speed is not about to drop during 2018. We, the owners of Taiko, wanted to take a look back at the year that passed, but also shed a light on our future plans. Taiko's owners Patrik and Pia won an...
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Art for Christmas

Would you like to give sustainable and personal Christmas gifts? In that case, Finnish art is a good alternative. Art as a gift is a permanent memory, giving the receiver joy through life. Art acts as a reminder of the giver, and it hids a unique sto...
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Taiko congratulates Finland

Taiko, the online store for Finnish art, wishes everyone a happy independence day. At the same time, we congratulate 100 year old Finland! Now is a great time to support Finnish culture by purchasing unique art from Finnish visual artists. We gathere...
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Best selling artists

Taiko now has been live one year. Many artists have sold their creations through the new online marketplace for visual art, and some of the artists have even sold several artworks. Most artworks, 27 paintings, has sold the Kuusamo-based Päivi Ol...
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