Wonderful women on Taiko

Wonderful women on Taiko

Taiko, the online marketplace for Finnish art, commemorates International Women's Day by focusing on women artists and their art. A majority of Taiko's around 500 artists are women. The age spectrum is considerable: the youngest artist is 25 years while the oldest soon turns 85 years.

Women have throughout history inspired artists, irrespective of gender. We handpicked some female artists and their works. Click on the image to be directed to the artwork page.


Sini Kallio: Koningin


Soile Kortesalmi: The choice


Anna Aho: Drama queen


Sini Kunnas: The Cavallier Building


Marjo Hyttinen: From the series DOTM - Wild and Balmy


AnneMilana: Shelter of cherry tree


Elina Aho: From the series In-Between II, Glasgow


Anna Semerdjiev: I decided it's not gonna be rainy anymore


Riitta Supperi: Exposure in bed


Heidi Ståhlnacke: Muotti


Johanna Lemettinen: With


Elena Maijala: Snow queen


Marjut Korhonen: Silent wait


Helena Tuura: Is someone there?


Caroline Pipping: Seated


Susanna Salama: Renata


Elisa Rovamo: Forever


Tiina Hölli: Reptiles


Marja-Leena Valkola: Lomalla


Arja Aulikki Toivonen: Sishuar


Noora-Maija Tokee: In the arms of the forest


Zsuzsa Demeter: From the series Variations


Heini Lehväslaiho: Woman with Red Lips


Jaana Tuomisto: Sarjaa Koreilijat


Tiina Tahvanainen: Jag klipper sönder mig