Unknown pleasures 3

Unknown pleasures 3

Unknown pleasures is a story created by Taiko’s curator Maija Kasvinen. It is a story of nature and technology, everyday life and decadence, love and death.

This is the third part of the story where Maija presents four artworks of her liking. See more information and buy the artworks by clicking the images.

Read the two first parts: Unknown pleasures 1 and Unknown pleasures 2.

Towards abstraction


Katri Mononen: Sci-fi, 1980 €


In Katri Mononen's art, the ice-cream colors covering new age and mystique melt away. In the intersection of dystopia and utopia, the abundance of colors and forms hides a hopeless uncertainity.

Born in Pieksämäki in 1981, Mononen has moved from concrete towards abstraction. She currenty lives and works in Nokia.

Pink meets black


Elina Ruohonen:, Jäljellä ihana ontto suhina II, 900 €.


Glowing surface covers the roughness of the artwork and pink meets black.

Elina Ruohonen works through painting and performances and seeks balance between appositions. In the painting process, the focus turns into one's inner world whereas performance examines one's relationship with the surrounding society.


Superstition combined with light pop


Tanja Is: Någonstans där inne, 2850 €.


In the artist's own words: “Our insides are truly inspiring. A mix of colors and shapes, hidden in a dull fleshcolored suit. Sadly we start to decompose so quickly that our adventure stops all too soon.”

Born in Helsinki in 1984, Tanja Is has been studying rituals of death in Benin and stuffed dead animals in London. In her art, superstition, mystique and death are combined with the lightness and colors of pop.

Twisted reality


Salla Laurinolli: Rolls His Stream III, 1650 €.


Open sceneries, desert's loneliness and synthetis of nature.

Salla Laurinolli (born in  1976) lives and works in Hämeenlinna. Her art often paints a scenery between earth and heaven where even the smallest details indicate a twisted reality.