Unknown pleasures 1

Unknown pleasures 1

Unknown pleasures is a story created by Taiko's curator Maija Kasvinen. It is a story of nature and technology, everyday life and decadence, love and death.

This is the first part of the story where Maija presents three artworks of her liking. See more information and buy the artworks by clicking the images.


Deep in the mystique in a land of eternal summer and winter



Laura Konttinen, Serpentarius Island, 1700 €.

Laura Konttinen (born 1987) is a photographer born in Säynätsalo. She takes pictures, cuts and pastes material into entities that question the traditional intrepretations of time and space.


Retro and digital



Marko Lampisuo, The End of Noise, 330 €.

Lampisuo (born 1970 in Turku) considers photo taking a starting point for a process that after working with several layers brings up the essential. The essential however also espaces a precise definition.


The beauty of the nature and a gloomy forest behind it



Petra Kaminen Mosher, On the Garden's Edge, 2300 €.

The references of art history in a polished technique have been taken away from a traditional still life, and the artwork shows the beauty of nature.

Petra Kaminen Mosher's brush trail breaks the linear line. The wholeness created by the generous use of colors and non-linear line balances between harmony and chaos - oftentimes in a similar way as nature does in Petra's art.