Toni Alaranta's heavenly art

Toni Alaranta's heavenly art

Painter Toni Alaranta from Turku has painted since he was a teenager. Over the years, painting has become a more and more important part of his life.

The sky often plays an important part in his paintings, which he calls "sighs" or even "prayers".

- I paint the sky, but in a deeper sense my paintings are an attempt to discover something universal, that is, the sublime in you and me, in all of us. While watching the skies, I have felt a "longing thousand years old". The attempt to give a material expression to this overwhelming emotion defines my work.

Toni Alaranta: The Past in Us, 924 eur.


The names of his artworks often arise from his own poems.

- My poems and paintings are in a sense the same artwork, but they take two different shapes.

Sometimes Toni gets inspired to paint with other themes, such as pines.

- I often paint with a broad brush and in many layers, that in one way or the other are present in the final painting. The creation of the final artwork is in its latest stage often a fast and intensive process.

Toni Alaranta: First Yellow, 550 eur.