Art to property company

Art to property company

Turku Technology Properties invests in Finnish visual art. The company bought artworks from several artists in November from Taiko, the online store for Finnish art.

Turku Technology Properties acquired art from visual artist Anu Halmesmaa, painter Veera Tiainen and photo artist Vesa Aaltonen.

"It is really encouraging that companies want to offer their personnel an environment that enhances well-being and creativity as well as an aesthetic environment for its customers and visitors", says Anu Halmesmaa, whose wall sculptures now decorate the office of Turku Technology Properties.


Anu Halmesmaa makes sculptures to be hanged on walls.


It was according to the CEO of Turku Technology Properties, Mikko Lehtinen, a pretty straight forward choice to invest in Finnish art.

"We want to create an inspiring environment for our employers. And what is more inspiring than art", Mikko points out.

See video (in Finnish).

Turku Technology Properties is a real estate investment company that develops property and services in the area and leases premises to companies and corporations. The floor area of the property for lease owned by Turku Technology Properties totals around 154 000 square metres.



Veera Tiainen: Old Dog.



Vesa Aaltonen: Water Lily Leaf.