Art challenge - I'm in

Art challenge - I'm in

Tens of companies and organizations have already entered Taiko's big art challenge. Why don't you join?

Through the challenge, companies have enhanced creativity and well-being in the workplace and also created a pleasant environment for visitors and customers with the help of art. Many of the companies have found art that fit their brand and history perfectly.

Taiko, the marketplace for Finnish art, announced the challenge in the spring of 2018 to inspire companies to acquire art. By buying art:

- Companies invest in the well-being and creativity of their personnel.

- Companies create an aesthetic and pleasant environment for visitors and customers.

- Companies support artists.   

- Companies make a sustainable choice compared to many other interior solutions - an artwork lasts for years to come.

Check below some of the open-minded forerunners that have joined the art challenge. All participating companies receive a diploma from Taiko and get visibility on Taiko and Taiko's social media channels. 



Telecommunications company Partel bought three paintings from the following artists: Greta MarjamäkiMarja Maljonen and Maria Forsblom.

- We had for some time thought about getting some art to our renovated office space. Taiko's challenge came at the right time. All artworks depict water in one form or another. This fits our company very well, since we operate in the archipelago, CEO Svante Olofsson says.




PR company Viestintäliiga bought Satu Kalliokuusi's painting Connection II to their office in the downtown Turku. The name of the artwork describes the goal for a media company, that is to build connections on various ways.

- Also, the red wine used for the painting as well as the somewhat provocative theme fit our goals. We want to create debate, and the artwork is sure to do so, CEO Iiro Junnila and communications manager Tiina Sten say.




Tech company Klopal bought a painting by Pekka Homanen. The innovative and surprising elements used in the painting are well cut for a company in the technology sector.

In the picture CTO Kalle Palokankare (left) and CEO Sebastian Haapahovi.



Quru Turku

Marketing- and analytics company Quru participated in the challenge with this painting by Samuli Suonperä.



Poistoa Oy

Poistoa, specializing in mould cleanup bought this painting by Päivi Ollila. The painting Mist fits the company perfectly.

- When a person lives in the middle of mould, life can seem very misty and difficult. Our goal is to get rid of that mist, says CEO Vesa Virtanen and entrepreneur Niina Kesti.




Nursing home Kotikunnas participated with this piece by fine art photographer Vesa Aaltonen.

- When we chose the artwork, we gave weight to the local aspect. Our residents chose this as their favorite from eight alternatives, says CEO Pilvi Heiskanen.




Digital services house Sofokus wanted to support nursing home Kerttuli by acquiring this painting by Päivi Ollila. 

- When we were challenged, we wanted to share some happiness among others, says People Happiness Officer Milla Heikkilä (sitting on the left).



L&S Tilipalvelu

Accounting bureau L&S Tilipalvelu from Turku bought the painting Only from the heart can you touch the sky by Nina Sabina Caballeron.

- We were looking for art to our new office. This painting touched us with its sensitivity, says entrepreneur Hely Lehtonen (on the left).



Turku Science Park

Regional development company Turku Science Park bought a painting called City by Johanna Sinkkonen.

- The city theme fits our goal. We want to unite the Turku region in different ways, and the uniform city sky line symbolixes this goal. This way, we also support a local artist.



Archipelagia Golf Club

Archipelagia Golf Club bought a golf related print by Hanna Varis.

- This piece gives a little energy to our club house, says CEO Nina Katajainen. Beside her administration officer Mikko saarikumpu.




Construction company Mangrove bought this painting by Mattitapio Reinikainen.

- Art has a big impact on the well-being of the personnel and the company image. We also wanted to support artists and at the same time a new business, that is Taiko, says CEO Antti Lundstedt.



Legal office Vuorijoki

Legal office Vuorijoki from Turku bought this small print by Anna-Maija Mattila-Selin.  

- It is important to support Finnish artists, says Jari Vuorijoki.




Brokerage firm Bravo bought this small scultpure called Long Journey by Tatu Vuorio.

- The artwork depicts our journey in the brokerage world. It has been a long and rocky road, with many challenges, but we have come a long way, say owners Petri Ingman and Jaakko Kaitanen.



PoRes Communication

PoRes Communication, bought this print by Päivi Hintsanen. 

- The artwork brought about big feelings, and I just had to buy it to my home office, says founder Annika Laakso.



Consulting bureau AIKA

Consulting bureau AIKA bought this painting by Pauliina Kanniainen. In the picture partners Antti Lehtomäki and Johanna Siltala.

- We want to support Finnish artists and bring joy to our staff and customers. We placed it by the front door, where it is a source of inspiration and discussion.