How to buy art from Taiko

How to buy art from Taiko

It is now easy to buy art. Taiko, the online store for Finnish art, offers you easy art shopping from the comfort of your own couch. The art is delivered straight to your home or office.

But why should I buy art? Well, art enhances your wellbeing and creativity. By buying art you make a sustainable choice and create lasting memories. Art may also be a sound investment financially.

It is easier than ever to buy unique, Finnish art.

It is easier than ever to buy unique, Finnish art.

Taiko offers more than 4000 artworks by 450 artists. Isn't it tedious to go through thousands of artworks?

This guide helps you find art that suits your needs. Taiko's search function is the central tool, with which you can narrow down your search to show only relevant art.

What am I looking for?

Before moving on to Taiko, you may want to look around in your house or office. Do I want a painting or photography aboe your couch or office desk? What size and color? Could I place a graphic print above the children's bed or a sculpture on the bureau in the hallway?

Näyttävä maalaus on olohuoneen katseenvangitsija. Kuvassa Minna Mukarin teos Lovely Day, 120x100 cm, 1500 EUR.

A snazzy painting finishes the touch in your living room. In the picture Minna Mukari's piece Lovely Day, 120x100 cm, 1500 €.

When you know what you might want, click on the Advanced search in the search bar. Now you may choose between different techniques, for instance oil paintings, wooden sculptures or monotypes. You can also choose themes, such as nature or city, and if you prefer abstract or figurative art. You can also choose the price and size.

Art is often an interior design element, and the color may be an important factor. On Taiko, you can choose art based on color.

It is also possible to scroll just through artworks on sale.

Your search is updated dynamically, when you add or remove different alternatives.


An orange color search finds for instance these artworks.

Scrolling through the result

When your search is done, it is time to scroll through the results. By clicking More, additional artworks are shown. When clicking on an individual artwork, you are directed to its own page for closer examination. You may zoom in on the artwork by moving your mouse pointer or finger on the image.

Artists have often uploaded multiple images of the same artwork, for instance hanged on the wall or a sculpture from different angles.

If you have answers about an artwork or an artist, you can pose questions through the Ask Us function, placed on every artwork page. Ask about the story behind the artwork or where the artist got inspiration from. You can also ask if the price can be negotiated. You will get the answer straight in your mail, often within a couple of hours.

Pose questions to Taiko or the artist through the Ask us feature on every artwork page.

Pose questions to Taiko or the artist through the Ask us feature on every artwork page.

Test Taiko Test

On all artwork pages, excluding sculptures, there is an image feature called Taiko Test. With Taiko Test, you may place an artwork in one of the four default rooms. You can also upload your own image to Taiko Test and see, how the artwork fits in your own space. This can make the decision making easier.

Taiko Test lets you place an artwork in one of four default rooms, or in your own room.

Taiko Test lets you place an artwork in one of four default rooms, or in your own room.

Search in other ways

It is also interesting to go through Taiko's selection in a more adventurous style, for instance by scrolling the artist profiles. All artists are on display on one page, which you reach by clicking the Artists button in the menu.

Taikossa on yli 400 taiteilijaa.

Taiko has more than 400 artists.

You may also search for art by adding keywords, such as cat, forest or woman, in the search bar.

Move to cart and payment

When you have chosen one or several artworks, you may add them to the cart. In the cart you have an overview of the total cost, including delivery costs. In the cart, you fill in for instance your name and address, so that the artwork finds it way home.

Shopping cart with three items.

Shopping cart with three items.

At this point, you also fill in a possible discount code or gift card code. When all is ready, click on the Place order button. You are then directed to Maksuturva, which Taiko uses for all payments. There are many options to choose from, such as online bank, credit card, invoice or installment payment. After the payment has been processed, you are directed back to Taiko. After a while, you will receive an order confirmation and a receipt.

The artwork is delivered in 4-9 working days, but delivery is often even faster. When you are handed the package, plaese make sure artwork is not damaged.

After this, it is time to enjoy your artwork, which always looks even better in real life. If you for any reason aren't satisfied with the artwork, you have a 14 day return right.

Happy art shopping!