Taiko celebrates two years

Taiko celebrates two years

More and more consumers and companies choose to buy art online. Around 40 percent more artworks have been bought from Taiko, the online marketplace for Finnish art, this year compared to the whole of last year. Altogether, more than 1000 artworks have been sold through Taiko, which celebrates its two year anniversary on Friday 30th November.

The most popular artworks bought on Taiko are paintings and prints. Especially figurative artworks portraying for instance animals, people and landscapes, interest buyers. However, abstract art is growing in popularity.


Landscape artworks are among the most bought on Taiko. In the image Hanna-Maria Mainelakeus' painting The sound of silence.


Abstract artworks are growing in popularity. In the image Kari Laitinen's print In an Other time.


"It is easy to buy"

Highly educated women in the age of 35-45 years are the most potential buyers of art online, according to a survey by Taiko. More than 70 percent of all visitors on Taiko are women.

More than 200 users answered the survey. The main reasons for buying art online is easiness and the broad selection. Almost half of those who answered also said that supporting the artist is important.

Mainly consumers buy art from Taiko, but more and more companies choose online solutions also for art purchases. Tens of companies have invested in making their offices more cozy through art from Taiko.

Taiko is the largest marketplace for Finnish visual arts. Since September, Taiko has delivered art to international customers as well.

Taiko offers more than 6000 artworks by 550 artists. Taiko serves in English, Swedish and Finnish. The concept has been developed by limited company Demosarte, headquartered in Turku.

Greta Marjamäki's painting found a new home in Great Britain.


Taiko's founders and owners, Pia Edman and Patrik Edman.