Taiko looks ahead

Taiko looks ahead

Taiko can look back at a pretty hectic year, and the speed is not about to drop during 2018. We, the owners of Taiko, wanted to take a look back at the year that passed, but also shed a light on our future plans.

Taikos owners Patrik and Pia won an international pitching competition in the Spring of 2017.

Taiko's owners Patrik and Pia won an international pitching competition in the Spring of 2017.


There has been plenty to do, since Taiko's core team consists of just three people. Daily routines consist of sales, marketing, content production, communications, technical development, analytics, customer service and artwork packaging.

We are also in daily contact with Taiko's artists, who now amount to almost 500. An active dialogue is part of the perks with this jo, since the artists in Finland are a fascinating bunch.

Many consumers and companies have acquired beautiful art the past year. We are particularly happy that many have bought their first artworks ever on Taiko. Taiko has therefore reached buyers, who haven't been reached by more traditional channels for selling art.



A painting by Jyrki Tammi from Kuusamo found a new home.


Companies and organisations have also found Taiko. They have acquired art to their own offices to enhance creativity and well-being among employees and to create a thriving environment for customers and visitors.

Art and gift cards have also been bought as personnel gifts.



Tech company Gofore bought several artworks for their office in Tampere.


Many artists have also received well-needed extra income through Taiko. The average yearly income among professional artists in Finland for selling their own art is around 4000 euro. More than ten artists have reached that level from sales on Taiko during the first year.

Art buying consumers and companies have, in addition to having received beautiful art for themselves, also enhanced Finnish culture and supported artists.

Taiko has therefore achieved its foremost goal, that is to connect buyers and artists under the same roof.

Taidemaalari Elina Ruohonen on euromääräisesti Taikon eniten myynyt taiteilija. Kuvassa Taikon 1-vuotissynttäreissä toisen Taiko-taiteilijan, valokuvataiteilija Vesa Aaltosen, kanssa.

Painter Elina Ruohonen is, measured in euro, the best selling artist on Taiko. In the image, Elina with photo artist Vesa Aaltonen, at Taiko's one year anniversary party in November.

Looking forward

So, where is Taiko heading in 2018?  A big step will be taken when international deliveries are made possible during the beginning of 2018. Finnish visual art will thus be easily available for buyers outside of Finland.

We strongly believe there is a demand, when Finnish art finally is made available through a handy and versatile international channel. A "dress rehearsal" was held in December, when the Finnish foreign ministry bought ten paintings from Taiko. The paintings are heading to Finnish embassies around the world.


UM:n varastossa ulkomaille pääsyä odottavat Päivi Reimanin, Saara Kiurun, Sanna Haimilan ja Irina Havaste-Ukkolan maalaukset. Paintings by Päivi Reiman, Saara Kiuru, Sanna Haimila and Irina Havaste-Ukkola are waiting in a storage to be shipped abroad.


Taiko's technical development will continue in various ways. We continuously want to make Taiko a better and more versatile marketplace. New features are on their way, and some are still on the drawing board. One vision is for Taiko's visitors to be able to step into different virtual spaces, where they may place artworks of their choice.

Before year end, we also received happy news from the ministry of education and culture. Taiko has been granted support for going internationali. This grant ensures that our plans can be carried out as scheduled.

Finally, we want to wish all artists and art interested a happy and art enriched year 2018!

Ps. We also want to express our gratitude to the startup community SparkUp Turku, which has helped us in so many ways. Thank you Johanna, Juha, Sonja, Li, Erik, Tom and all you other super sparkupers!