Taiko interests Sweden

Taiko interests Sweden

Taiko, the online marketplace for Finnish art, attracts interest in Sweden. Team Taiko recently took a trip to Stockholm to meet potential partners, since Taiko soon will enable international deliveries.

Finland and Finnish culture have gained traction abroad, since Finland received lots of positive publicity thanks to its 100 year anniversary. Finnish art is interesting for e.g. Sweden Finns, who now can buy a piece of their country of origin for their homes.

Team Taiko also delivered some artworks to the Stockholm region. Even if Taiko's international deliveries start officially a bit later this year, buyers outside of Finland may already order art from Taiko. Questions about payment and deliveries may be directed to info@taiko.fi.

Taiko delivered a big photo art piece by Vesa Aaltosen to the small municipality of Sundbyberg. Päivi Östling, who moved from Finland to Sweden about one year ago, found Taiko on Facebook and decided to place an order.

- It is great that we Finns living abroad now have a handy and versatile channel to buy a piece of our homeland from, Päivi and Mikael Östling say.

Päivi ja Micke ihastuivat Vesa Aaltosen teokseen, joka pääsee paraatipaikalle perheen olohuoneeseen. Päivi and Micke fell for Vesa Aaltonen's artwork, which found its place in the living room of the family's new home.


Ulrika Hjelmgren Stengård osti Anastassia Proussovan kaksi pientä öljymaalausta, jotka sopivat värimaailmaltaan täydellisesti Ulrikan olohuoneeseen. Myös Bella-koira näytti hyväksyvän teokset.

Ulrika Hjelmgren Stengård bought two small oil paintings by Anastassia Proussova. The paintings match nicely the colors in Ulrika's living room. Bella the dog also seemed to accept the new artworks.


The Association for Finns in Sweden RSKL does valuable work to guard the interests of Sweden Finns and arrange various activities among its more than 12 000 members.

Aira Ludvigsen from the RSKL office and board member Saara Ludvigsen believe, that the members are interested in buying Finnish art. Many members have strong ties to Finland.

Frida Mäkinen from the association for Finland Swedes in Sweden FRIS is of the same opinion. FRIS has almost 1500 members divided between 17 sub-organisations spread around Sweden. The aim for the organisation is to promote activities among Finland Swedes and to enhance knowledge of the Finnish Swedish minority among Swedes.


FRIS:in ja RSKL:än yhteiset tilat sijaitsevat Tukholman Södermalmilla. Kuvassa Frida Mäkinen, Airi Ludvigsen ja Saara Ludvigsen. FRIS and RSKL share office spaces on Södermalm in Stockholm. In the image Frida Mäkinen, Aira Ludvigsen and Saara Ludvigsen.


Finland houses 17 cultural institutes spread around the world. The main goal for the institutes is to promote knowledge of Finland in their respective countries. The largest institute is situated in Stockholm, where it arranges various events and exhibitions to promote Finland and Finnish culture among Swedes.

Taiko's goal fits well with the goals of the institute, which works with bringing Finnish visual artist to Sweden.

Suomen Tukholma-instituutti sijaitsee Östermalmin kaupunginosassa. Instituutin rappukäytävässä ohjelmavastaava Elina Ylhäisi ja Patrik Taikosta. Finland's cultural institute in Stockholm is situated in Östermalm. Program coordinator Elina Ylhäisi and Patrik Edman from Taiko posing in the stairway of the institute.