Summer of love on Taiko

Summer of love on Taiko

Summer is the prime time for love. Some love the sun or swimming in the sea, others fall in love with a new ice cream flavor or the person at the next table. Summer is in the air on Taiko, the online marketplace for Finnish art, as well. Taiko's Summer of love campaign gives you a price reduction on all art purchases in July.

By adding the code SUMMERLOVE in Taiko's shopping cart you are given a five percent discount on your purchase. For your inspiration, we picked out some artworks spiced with summer and love from Taiko's collection. Fall in love with art!


Annuli Viherjuuri: Alone, 490 €.


Jukka Virkkunen: Peace Wreath I, 900 €.


Pike Kokkonen: Promise, 920 €.


Toni-Petri Ruotsalainen: Approach, 1350 €.


Marika Kotiranta: In this Moment there is Everything, 1500 €.


Iida Ojanperä: Moonlight Sonata, 850 €.


Leena Golnik: Lovers, 220 €.


Jarmo Saarinen: In the rye field, 1890 €.


Pirjo Tikkinen: Love - does not love, 250 €.


AnneMilana: Maternal love, 3100 €.


Johanna Rytkölä: Promise III, 950 €.


Gunzi Holmström: It's just love 5, 660 €.


Lotta Leka: Love can, 80 €.


Anneli Di Francis: Love and Illusion, 1100 €.


Timo Jakola: After the rain, 900 €.


Marjut Korhonen: In the middle of summer, 700 €.