htmlHeavenly art from Taiko

Heavenly art from Taiko

Heavenly art from Taiko

The sky and the clouds are popular themes for many artists on Taiko. The sky symbolizes eternity and mysticism, and for some it has a strong religious connection. Clouds can be gentle and soothing, but when a storm rises, an element of danger is added.

We picked some artworks from Taiko's selection, where the sky and clouds have acted as sources of inspiration. The artworks raise questions, that we may find answers for ourselves. As we know, the sky is the limit for the human mind!

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Nina Sabina Caballero: Blue moments, 970 €.

Toni Alaranta: Tomorrow Sky, 1280 €.

Heidi Wikström: Before the storm, 580 €.

Pirkko Mäkelä-Haapalinna: Following that cloud, 1420 €.

Nina Jansson: Swallow, 290 €.

Jukka Nopsanen: Sunset, 2210 €.

Pirjo Tikkinen: Tonight nothing, absolutely nothing has happened, but still something happens, 1100€.

Ville Hautaluoma: Autumn sea, 1680 €.

Marjo Hyvärinen: Almost night, 495 €.

Sini-Meri Hedberg: Evening in Italy, 2320 €.

Marjut Korhonen: Power of light, 540 €.

Virpi Hakala: There is only wind on the beach, 500€.

Irina Havaste-Ukkola: Inari I, 930 €.

Päivi Ollila: Once on the river, 780 €.

Birgitta Holopainen: Heaven, 440 €.

Sivi Valima: Pink sky puzzle, 530 €.