See September most clicked artists

See September most clicked artists

The most clicked artists on Taiko in September offer an interesting and versatile selection of Finnish contemporary art. Among the most viewed ones are both established well-known names and young rising stars. See which artists' pages have been visited the most in September. You can add the artwork into the shopping cart by clicking the image.

In the cover image Natalia Rantala, one of the most clicked artists.

1. Timo Jakola

Helsinki inspires painter Timo Jakola, and he oftentimes picks his themes from the city streets. Get a piece of Helsinki from an experienced artist.

Botta's festive evening, pastel, 1580 €


2. Jyrki Vähälummukka

For Jyrki Vähälummukka, living in Inari, Lapland, photography is a passion. "It is a feeling, a way to experience and see the surrounding world. A photo is more than just a picture for me. It's the way to live."

Čáhcebárti, from the series Aqua, photography, 350 €


3. Päivi Ollila

Living in Kuusamo in northern Finland, Päivi Ollila is the best selling artist on Taiko. Päivi's themes mostly come from the northern nature but recently her style has changed into a more abstract direction.

Destination, oil painting, 465 €


4. Rasaliina Seppälä

The Helsinki-based painter stands out with her own, personal style. Rasaliina aims to touch and move the viewer. How do her works move you?

Homeless II, mixed technique, 280 €


5. Emma Kantanen

Emma Kantanen is an illustrator, a graphic novel writer and a game artist. Her digital prints have been sold through Taiko to several homes and offices.

Saga: Bacca, digital print, 180 €


6. Elina Aho-Brennan

Working in New York and Glasgow has had a great influence in Elina Aho-Brennan's art. Currently living in Helsinki, Elina experiences painting and drawing as mark-making. "I ponder upon what does it mean to make a mark."

Series Extended Body, Glasgow, oil painting, 380 €


7. Kaj Stenvall

Famous for his duck themed paintings, the established painter sells also his earlier production on Taiko. These works have seldom been seen before!

Lake in Switzerland, oil painting, 7180 €


8. Lea Viita

Lapland inspires Lea Viita. "I frequently rest my eyes by watching out the windows. Tree branches sticking in every direction during all eight seasons. Rugged mountain scenery and the marshes are very close."

Lapland 2000 series, Snow time and light, acryl painting, 980 €


9. Sami Rissanen

"My artworks often speak an idiomatic language of their own worlds", says Sami Rissanen, who graduated as a visual artist some twenty years ago. Sami's art and artwork names often have a spice of humor in the. Dive into a fascinating world!

The amazing journey of frog and shrimp, painting with mixed techique, 685 €


10. Natalia Rantala

"I've been living in Finland for just a couple of years but even in this short time the local nature has made an everlasting impression on me. Therefore, many of my works present the Finnish nature in its many phases and shades", says Natalia Rantala.

Rain sounds 2, aquarelle, 430 €