Art at Housing Fair

Art at Housing Fair

Taiko participates in the Housing Fair event in the city of Pori. Taiko co-operates with the real estate company Solid House by bringing unique art to the two showcase houses of Solid House.

The Housing Fair area is located by the Kokemäki river in the Karjaranta neighborhood which is close to downtown. Solid House's showcase houses are numbers 27a and 27b. The Housing Fair is held from the 6th of July until the 5th of August.

Here are the Taiko artworks presented at the fair. The works are also for sale on Taiko during the whole fair. Click on a picture to see more information on the artwork and to add it in your shopping cart.


Jarkko Rantanen: Still Life with Fruits, 2200 €


Johanna Saarenpää: Black Stag II, 2700 €


Sini-Meri Hedberg: View IV, 1900 €


Vesa Aaltonen: Iris (Iris Pseudacorus), 3/3, 2800 €


Vesa Aaltonen: Reflections I, 5/10, from series Mindscapes, 350 €


Vesa Aaltonen: Reflections II, 5/10, from series Mindscapes, 400 €


Vesa Aaltonen: Reflections III, 5/10, from series Mindscapes, 450 €