Bestselling Kuusamo painter

Bestselling Kuusamo painter

Painter Päivi Ollila from Kuusamo has taken Taiko's buyers by storm. Päivi was the first artist to sell on Taiko, and one of her paintings was sold already the first day. Päivi has sold closer to ten paintings through Taiko.



The impressive surroundings in her home region of Kuusamo, gives the artist a good reason to grab the brush.

"I love to portray the beauty of nature, but also the roughness of life. It does not matter that much what you paint, the feeling is the most important", Päivi says.


Päivi Ollila: Valoa kohti, 450 €.

Paintings got a hold of Päivi when she first began experimenting with oil colors.

"I have been fascinated by oil colors and the world around them ever since I found them. I really felt that this is what I want to do."

She is inspired by the northern nature, colors, music and everyday life. Most of Päivi's artworks on Taiko are figurative, but sha has lately been inspired by a more abstract style and strong colors.

"Birds have also flown into my paintings. My favorite birds are crows and magpies."



Päivi Ollila: Uskottu, 785 €.