Get a bonus artwork

Get a bonus artwork

Now is a good time to buy art from Taiko. Our New Year's campaign gives all Taiko buyers a unique, small print by Hanna Holopainen for free. The number of bonus artworks is limited. The campaign continues until Sunday 6th of January, or as long as there are artworks left.

"I make these in the evening, when I have somespare time. I have thought about this owl theme during many years, and now I decided to start creating them. They are somewhat like X-rays, mainly for adults. But children may of course also like them", Hanna says.

The campaign covers any art purchases of at least 150 euros. When ordering, please let us know which artwork you would like: an abstract or an owl themed print (see below).

Welcome the New Year by making a permanent and sustainable choice - art by a professional artist.