See the latest prints

See the latest prints

Buying unique prints from Taiko is easy and affordable. Prints are popular and approachable and there are pieces available for every taste. Check out the newest prints before it's too late. Click the picture for more information about each piece and for adding them into the shopping cart.

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Maritta Meckelborg: Blinded, 650 €

Solveig Lehtonen: You'll Make it, 290 € 

Marja-Leena Etula: Drops, 290 €

Pekka Hannula: The Tango, 160 €

Emma Peura: Portrait of a Home, 1180 €

Anne Kimiläinen: My grandparents place, 200 €

Tiina Poutanen: Riekkomieli, 190 €

Sami Rinne: Fragments, 520 €

Pia Feinik: Shared, 388 €

Emma Kantanen: Contra, 180 €

Leena Golnik: Skiing, 340 €