Young artists among most viewed

Young artists among most viewed

Young visual artists rose among the most viewed artists on Taiko in April. Lots of views gained for example Linda Varoma, 31, living in Loviisa, Anne Järvi, 28, from Turku, and Niko Saarinen, 42, from Nurmijärvi.

Get to know the artists and their art by clicking the images below.

Creating structure

Linda Varoma



Linda Varoma: The White Paper Waterbomb, 550 €.


Linda Varoma's artistic work is based on her own need of arranging and creating structure.

"My art practice explores the generic through the very specific and particular."

Obsession of winning with humor

Anne Järvi



Anne Järvi: Lautasella nro 6, 100 €.


Anne Järvi works with hand-drawn animation and drawing and addresses issues like obsession with profit, winning and power.

"Humour is central to my practise. It is created with exaggeration and simple caricature-like style of drawing."


"I think through my hands"

Niko Saarinen



Niko Saarinen: Sarjasta Between II, 350 €.


Niko Saarinen's techniques are drawing, painting and sculpting.

"I think through my hands - I´m inspired by time, place and humanity."