Most viewed in September

Most viewed in September

Taiko's most viewed artists in September are all painters. Get to know the artists and their selections by clicking the images.

Painting actress

taiko maija junno

Maija Junno


Maija Junno is both a visual artist and an actress. She dives into the roles she plays as well as the characters she paints.

"I listen to how it feels to be that person, me, a human being, in this particular position or state of mind. Just like a role, a picture of a human being is an interpretation."

Maija gets inspired by old photos, silent films and theater.



Maija Junno: BFF (best friends forever), 750 €.


Painting is the biggest passion

taiteilija linda jakobsson kriventsova

Linda Jakobsson Kriventsova


The Vaasa-based artist Linda Jakobsson Kriventsova has studied arts in the Nordic Art school, Fine institute of arts in Lahti and in Muhina, St Petersburg. She had her first exhibition at the age of 19.

Linda also works as a tattoo artist in Vaasa.

"Painting is my life and biggest passion", Linda says.



Linda Jakobsson Kriventsova: Balleriina, 1188 €.


Colors as strong energy

jyrki poussu taiko

Jyrki Poussu


Colors represent the urban life for the Oulu-based artist Jyrki Poussu.

"I've always experienced colors as strong energy. The impact of colors in our lives is a lot more than we even imagine. We live surrounded by colors and the colors affect us, whether we want it or not."



Jyrki Poussu: Tasapaino kuvaelma, 350 €.


Rhythm of feelings finds its form


Hanna Holopainen


Hanna Holopainen, living in Oulu, ponders in her art feelings through colors, forms and contrasts between them.

"Colors have a huge significance. My feelings usually have a tone that reaches its existence through colors, lights and shadows. My feelings have a rhythm that finds its form after flowing through by body."



Hanna Holopainen: Cityfox, 900 €.


Dreams inspire

Jyrki Tammi

Jyrki Tammi


The Kuusamo-based Jyrki Tammi gets inspiration from for example ancient stories and mythologie

"In my art, the figurative merges with the abstract and reality merges with the unreal and unknown", Jyrki says.



Jyrki Tammi: Canis Majoris, 900 €.