Most viewed artists in October

Most viewed artists in October

Taiko’s most viewed artists in October offer a versatile menu of figurative and abstract art. Get to know the artists and their selections by clicking the images.

"I question and challenge"


Kaj Stenvall


Painter Kaj Stenvall from Turku aims to describe the present day with his art.

"I want to question the well-known thinking models in arts and challenge the viewer to re-evaluate them."

Stenvall, especially familiar from his duck paintings, also sells his earlier production through Taiko. For instance, his painting The Carrier of Light from 1987 was recently sold. The painting is to this date the most valuable artwork sold on Taiko.



Kaj Stenvall: The Carrier of the Light, 7400 €.

Abstract nature pictures popular

taiko vesa aaltonen

Vesa Aaltonen


Photo artist Vesa Aaltonen from Turku is known for his abstract nature photos and Turku themed artworks.

"I get inspired by places and things, that have had an impact on people through the centuries: the city with its architecture, our detail rich nature and people with their stories."

Vesa is one of Taikos's best selling artists.


Vesa Aaltonen: Metsän seinä, sarjasta "Mielikuvia", 310 €.

Dialogue between the viewer and the artwork

taiko jaana kokko-alakärppä

Jaana Kokko-Alakärppä


Jaana Ala-Kärppä from Oulu wants to bring out different views with her art, not forgetting beauty.

"I don't give away everything, since I want to give space and the possibility of dialogue between the viewer and the artwork", Jaana describes her art.


Jaana Kokko-Alakärppä: Rauha, 3450 €.

Rock in the streets

taiko timo jakola

Timo Jakola


Timo Jakola is well-known for his Helsinki themed paintings. He seeks inspiration for his paintings from the dark streets of the city, preferably spiced with extreme conditions.

"Rock is playing in the streets, people are moving, the car lights are like pearls and the neon lights are the sun for all those on the move in the night."



Timo Jakola: Jouluaatto Töölössä, 1760 €.

Art helps and comforts

taiko Cata Ahlbäck

Cata Ahlbäck


Cata Ahlbäck from Ostrobothnia uses a lot of recycled materials in her art. On Taiko, she sells both prints and paintings.

"Many of my works are born from the subconscious, when I intentionally close my consciousness and let my intuition lead the way. Art is a helper, it brings comfort, it's a heeler and a friend."


taiko cata ahlbäck

Cata Ahlbäck: Woman, 420 €.