Memories from Finland

Memories from Finland

Memories play an important part of our lives. One way to cherish your memories is to tie them to something physical, like artworks. Having art in your home or office is like having your memories visible all the time, reminding you of certain periods or events in your life.

Living abroad creates strong memories for you to take back home. Taiko, the online marketplace for Finnish art, offers an easy and versatile way to strengthen and preserve your memories from Finland. Let an artwork remind you of your stay - you are sure to find something that suits your needs among Taiko's thousands of artworks by hundreds of professional artists. Scroll down to see some handpicked Finland related artworks.

- One important goal for Taiko is to give you and me memories in the form of art. We ourselves wanted to bring back a memory to Finland from our stay in Denmark. This colorful painting reminds us daily of those good and exciting times, says Patrik Edman, Taiko's co-founder and co-owner. 


Taiko offers quality art

Only professional artists can sell their works on Taiko. All approved artists are evaluated based on certain quality criteria before their profiles are approved. You can therefore be sure that artworks bought from Taiko are of high quality. But how does Finnish art compare to the visual arts sector in other countries? Watch this video and see what the head organization for Finnish visual arts, The Artists' Association of Finland, has to say.



Memories from Finland

What kind of art would you like to remind you of Finland when you have returned to your home country? Maybe it is the Finnish nature and landscape, or perhaps artworks from a specific city, like Helsinki? Taiko's advanced search filter, which you can access through the grey search bar, let's you filter  artwork based on for instance size, color, price, technique and theme.

To give you some inspiration, we handpicked some artworks that have a strong connection to Finland. You can find out more about the artwork by clicking the images. We are also more than happy to answer any question you might have and to help you find the artworks most relevant for you, info@taiko.fi.


Jukka Nopsanen: Modern Icon, 2200 €.


Vesa Aaltonen: Meadow, of the series "Mindscapes", 2270 €.


Tuuli Meriläinen: Pako, 2017. 650 €.

Tuuli Meriläinen: Runaway, 650 €.


Timo Jakola: Kevätvaloa, 2016. 1320€

Timo Jakola: Spring light, 1320€


Paula Nordfors: Far Away, 1000 €.


Dietmar Tallroth.: Pukala II. 500 €.

Dietmar Tallroth: Pukala II. 500 €.



Jaana Kirjonen: Protector, 350 €


Juha Kuosmanen: Täydentäviä keskusteluja, 2011. 900€.

Juha Kuosmanen: Supplementing discussions, 900€.


Marjo Hyvärinen: Field, 1000 €.


Maija Ojanen: Lantunsiemenet, 2015. 550€.

Maija Ojanen: Turnip seeds, 550€.


Vesa Loikas: Keltaisia luonnoksia. 560 €.

Vesa Loikas: Sketches in Yellow. 560 €.


Annika Lahti: Summer evening in Helsinki, 630 €.


Jyrki Vähälummukka: Oaggu, a series of Polarnight, 290 €.


Jarmo Saarinen: Ruispellossa, 1996. 1890€.

Jarmo Saarinen: In the rye field, 1890€.


Patrick Ward: Finnish Paradise, 3700 €.


Sirpa Ojala: Onnea Suomi, 2017. 200€.

Sirpa Ojala: Congratulations Finland, 200€.