Lapland on Taiko

Lapland on Taiko

"I rest my eyes by looking out the window, I squint my eyes. Branches stick out to all directions in all eight seasons; in the snowy and frosty winter as well as in the autumn and light summer nights. The bare hill landscapes and swamps are really close", artist Lea Viita describes.




Living in the village of Luusua close to Kemijärvi, Lea gets inspired by the surroundings.

"Both my home and my studio are located here in a remote village in Lapland, in the middle of woods and forested hills. That has affected my themes and way of working."

Also the artist name Viita, originating from her maiden name, supports Lea's love in nature. Viita means an old wood.


Lea Viita: Elämänmenoa, 3800 €.


Lea's childhood home was very creative. Her parents constantly played instuments, sang and made handcrafts. Clothes, textiles and basically the whole interior were made by the family itself.

"Our parents encouraged us to have hobbies such as music, excercise, drawing and sewing, and we felt good about doing those things", Lea remembers.

Lea's favorite subject at school was drawing. Her teacher, painter Nina Vanas, wished that Lea would have applied to the Ateneum art school. She however picked the Economic school of Helsinki and became Master of Business Administration. Later on, she has studied art side by side with working.

One of Lea's favorite paintings on Taiko is First Snow from the series Erämaa.

"The artwork reminds us of the beginning of the dark resting season with polar nights. That period of the year is unavoidable, but snow brings light and brightness. The thin lines in my painting give room for never ending observations and interpretations."


Lea Viita: Ensilumi, 4000 €.