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Strange and surprising

Strange and surprising

Visual artist Katri Mononen has been doing creative things since her childhood. She was inspired to become an artist after studying at an art school, but found her own style after the studies.

How did you become an artist?

- Ever since my childhood, I have always been doing something creative, writing, drawing, painting and doing comics. As a child and in secondary school I never thought becoming an artist would be possible for me. Studying in the art high school of Savonlinna gave me the first push to become an artist. The school gave me support and confidence for my own work. Later on I studied art in Tampere University Of Applied Sciences and in Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture.

How did you find your own style as an artist?

- All my studies have had a strong impact on my work as an artist, but I found my own voice after my studies. The time spent at my studio doing different kinds of experiments has improved my expression but it is still constantly evolving and changing.

Katri Mononen: Sci-fi.

How would you describe your art?

- At the moment I’m concentrating on painting with acrylics and spraypaint. I create pieces that balance on the edge of abstract and realistic and combine expressional and geometrical style. I combine light and bright colours with dark and broken colours and shades. My paintings are spaces, surfaces, movements and colour. Strange and unexpected combinations fascinate me.

What gives you inspiration to making art?

- The things I experience, read and see affect my work. I get inspiration from around me, but sometimes it has to be consciously looked for. In my artistic process intuition is of great importance and the impressions I have taken from different sources unite in my works into something new.

Katri Mononen: Wreck

Which one of your pieces on sale at Taiko is your personal favourite and why?

- My favourite piece is Wreck (2015). It has strong colours and a fairly simple, functional composition. I tried a new technique, where certain areas of colour are rising from the canvas. I find the combination of smooth and flat spraypaint and three-dimensional blobs of colour fascinating.

The picture of Katri Mononen: Matti Hyyrynen