Most viewed in July

Most viewed in July

The most viewed artists in July are all painters. Take a closer look at the artists and their art by clicking the images below.

Hopeful and thoughtful art


Annuli Viherjuuri


Kokkola-based artist Annuli Viherjuuri was already as a child known as "our own artist" in the family. After high school, art teachers pushed Annuli to study art a folk high school where she then dived deeper into the world of visual arts.

"It felt as such a perfect fit that I decided to start studying to become a professional artist."



Annuli Viherjuuri: Wreaths, 2990 €.


Annuli's art can be described as antroprocentric, hopeful and thoughtful. On Taiko, she sells for example paintings from a symbolic series called Toivon valtakunta (Empire of Hope) in which girls and young women act as mediators of hope.

"These lyric paintings include references to art history and graces of Antiquity as well as Christian wedding mystique. Due to its symbolics, wreath has a central role in the entity. In the Christian symbolism, wreath describes eternal life and victory - fullfilment of hope that is", Annuli says.

Paint moving on a surface


Kaija Hinkula


Color, surface and movement interest the Oulu-based artist Kaija Hinkula.

"In my art, paint moves on the panel surface leaving layers of marks of an intuitive painting process that has been executed with different tools."

Kaija paints with oil colors on a panel.



Kaija Hinkula: Landscape X, 750 €.


Rather deep snow than a ski track


Markus Tornberg


"I'd rather move freely in deep snow than choose old ski tracks made by others", Markus Tornberg describes his working methods.

Markus' art often portrays a strange human or animal figure, but nature plays an increasingly important role in his paintings.


Markus Tornberg: Night in Finnish garden, 180 €.


Lapland inspires

Lea Viita


Lapland is strongly present in Lea Viita's paintings.

"I rest my eyes by looking out the window, I squint my eyes. Branches stick out in all directions in all eight seasons; in the snowy and frosty winter as well as in the autumn and light summer nights. The bare hill landscapes and swamps are really close”.

Read an earlier published interview with Lea.


Lea Viita: Mustikka-aika, 1800 €.


Dignified and permanent through simple ingredients

Jaro Palmu


Jaro Palmu from Helsinki wants to paint beautiful and interesting paintings. His art is often a combination of many elements: colors and relations, form, detail and unity, lines and structure as well as strength, sensibility, force of nature and silence.

"Like an alchemist, an artist shapes something dignified and permanent through simple materials."



Jaro Palmu: Sininen. Hiekka. 1900 €.