Win an aquarelle

Win an aquarelle

Do you want this aquarelle by Natalia Rantala? We will draw this beautiful  artwork among all buyers on Taiko, the marketplace for Finnish art, in January.


taiko Natalia Rantala: Summer in Lapland.


January is therefore a particularly good month to buy Finnish art, either for yourself or as a gift. If you have difficulties choosing from all the thousands of artworks on Taiko, please see our guide:

How to buy art from Taiko



taiko Natalia Rantala


Natalia has lived in Finland for only a couple of years but even during this short time the local nature has made an everlasting impression. Therefore, many of her works present the Finnish nature in its many phases and shades.

"I hope that the color scheme of my paintings creates a relaxing atmosphere freeing you from the busy daily life", she says.

Raffle rules

Everyone who buys art from Taiko 1-31.1.2018 automatically participate in the raffle. The winner is contacted on the 5th February 2018 at the latest.

Taiko wishes that the winner will agree on taking a picture of him or herself with the artwork. The picture can be used on Taiko's social media channels.

The raffle is arranged by Demosarte Oy Ab, which also pays the taxes. The prize can not be exchanged for money.