Comeback for art in interior design

Comeback for art in interior design

Original art has returned to homes and offices. According to the newest interior design trends people want more plentiful spaces after many years of spartan interior design.

Interior design architects Emma Kattelus and Maina Laakso can clearly see this trend in their work.

”Earlier, people wanted to for example hide all decorative items but now it's again trendy to show them. Abundance and thoughtful mixing of styles are popular right now.”

Emma and Maina have noticed that art has made a comeback in homes and offices.

”Private customers often present their artworks and wish that we take them into consideration when creating the new interior. Also companies want to create cozy or dignified atmosphere with the help of art.”


You can choose art at the same time as making other interior design choices. In the image Pia from Taiko and interior design architects Maina Laakso and Emma Kattelus. The artwork shown on the screen is Samuli Suonperä's.


Art - a sustainable choice

Especially young adults invest in sustainable and lasting solutions, such as expensive lamps and furniture. Art fits well into this continuum.

The interior designer's vision is needed for instance when deciding how to place and hang artworks and which artworks match together. If there are several paintings, the designer can help in combining them.

The designer's expertise is also welcome when looking for new art that fits with the interior. Would a painting or graphic print suit for the home or office space? Or perhaps a photograpgy or sculpture would be a better match?

Taiko - the marketplace for Finnish art - has a comprehensive search function that helps you to choose art. You can search by form, theme, price and also color, since color often is an important factor in interior design.

On the other hand, art does not necessarily have to match with rest of the interior but the artwork can live its own life in a way.

”We can place art so that it fits straightforwardly in the interior. Oftentimes even small tricks can make a big difference, for instance with paintings and graphic prints the hanging height has a huge impact. Artworks also require enough space around them, although with collages, there shouldn't of course be that much room between the artworks”, Maina lists.


Artworks can be grouped as collages. In the picture Dietmar Tallroth's photoart.

Dare to be brave

Emma and Maina encourage both private and company clients to use art in interior design.

”With the help of art, light and even plants, you can create amazing entities. Original art is worth to emphasize, since when an artwork is placed well, it creates a real wow effect.”

The interior design architects call for brave solutions.

”People often make somewhat neutral choices, even though a more brave and perhaps colorful approach might be the icing on the cake.

Offices do not need to be sterile either, Emma and Maina point out.

”It's a good idea to create a homelike feeling in offices as well, since people spend a lot of time at work. In addition to lobbies and other public spaces, art can also be placed in the staff's spaces to energize and enhance well-being and creativity among the employees.”


Tech company Gofore bought art to their office from Taiko. In the picture, art by photo artist Vesa Aaltonen.

The designer can help to choose art

Some of the interior designers' customers already have art, and big artworks are often taken into onsideration already when planning of buildings and spaces.

Sometimes Emma and Maina recommend their customers to consider art for certain spaces, and they can also give their opinion on suitable artworks. However, the final decision is always made by the customer.

”Art is such a personal choice, and we can not decide for the customer. But we do give tips.”

Art is not always expensive

Emma has noted, that art is often coupled with certain preconceptions. It is for instance usual to think, that art is always expensive. It is however possible to buy unique art, such as graphic prints, for less than fifty euros. Installment payments are also often an option, and this is possible on Taiko as well.

Emma and Maina find Taiko to be a handy channel to get to know and buy art.

”Due to the hectic life many are leading, buying art online is easy and time saving compared to more traditional channels, like exhibitions and galleries. You may consider different alternatives in the comfort of your own home, and with the help of Taiko Test you can see how artworks fit in your own spaces. Buying art is now easy."

Emma Kattelus and Maina Laakso have both graduted from the Lahti Institute of Design, and they run their own interior design bureau in Turku.

Taiko and the Finnish association for interior designers have commenced cooperation, through which the members and their customers receive discounts when buying from Taiko.



With Taiko Test, you can discover how artworks fit in four default rooms. You may also upload images of your own space and see how an artwork fits in. In the picture, a painting by Sirpa Ojala.