Get a statuesque family member!

Get a statuesque family member!

A rockhard heart or a head made of wood. Thick skin and muscles like iron. Despite the hardness, a sculpture is full of personality and beauty. It is a long-lasting family member who doesn’t scream or get wounded easily. In a sculpture, metal, stone or for example wood gets a whole new life, when a new shape and spirit is found inside the hard material.

Taiko has a wide selection of beautiful, bold and memorable human-shaped sculptures. Good luck finding yourself a new family member! Click the image to see more information on the artwork and to add it in your shopping cart.


Merja Ranki: Ähäkutti ! (Gotcha !), 1400 €


Marianne Laiti: Horse, 1590 €


Reetta Gröhn-Soininen: Hey, wait for me!, 1280 €


Liisa Lehtimäki: Figure, 740 €


Terhi Kaakinen: Harmitus, 1880 €


Olga Malytcheva: Parisian, 1740 €


Hanna Makkonen: Marketta, 240 €



Tatu Vuorio: Matkamuistoja, 940 €


Willem Krijgsman: Ballad 20, 940 €


Tapio Kettunen: Kevättä rinnassa, 3640 €


Katy Hertell: Melancholia, 740 €


Merja Ranki: Tukka hyvin? Nice n´Neat?, 1415 €


Airi Salosmaa: Äidinrakkaus, 1780 €


Matti Metsämaa: BALLERINA, 980 €


Jacob Joakim Sederholm: Her, 2610 €

Anneli Di Francis: Love and Illusion, 1040 €


Matti Happonen: Territory, 4680 €.


Janne Hokkanen: Lord of the Black Riches, 1820 €.


Liisa Nikitin: Psychic, 340 €


Terhi Kaakinen: Resting moment, 2080 €