Art as a graduation gift

Art as a graduation gift

Taiko’s intern, advertising design student Ilona Aaltonen, talks about her own views on art and about what kind of art might be a good choice for a graduation gift.

”I think art is a great gift for a graduating kid. A young, graduating person faces big changes and might be about to move to a home of their own, maybe even to another city. A piece of art is a permanent memory of this phase is something they might want to hold on to for the rest of their life.

Choosing a piece for a person who knows excatly what they want can be challenging. If finding the perfect artwork seems too hard, you might want to ask for the opinion of the resiever of the gift. Or if you want to keep the gift as a surprise you can get a gift card from Taiko. Gift card is a great way to give the kid the freedom of choice but also make sure that they don’t spend all the money given as a graduation gift on sparkling wine on the eve of the graduation.

There are as many tastes and opinions as there are people. I enjoy abstract pieces but on the other hand, photorealistic paintings are also pleasing for my eyes. I like pastels but also strong contrasts. I’m fascinated by atmospheres created with light, and the surprising harmony of different colors and compositions. In art I look for relatable stories and feelings, and of course that little extra something for the decoration.

To make the decision easier I have I chosen a few pieces from Taiko’s wide range that are pleasing to my own eye. These are pieces that I might have wished for a graduation gift myself."


Elina Ruohonen: Untuvikot IIIElina Ruohonen: Untuvikot III, 1320 €


Eve Alasaarela: Endless celebration, 1500 €


Juha Kuosmanen: Sustainer, 1300€


Petra Kaminen Mosher: Tulipa Caesius, 1500 €


Päivi Kukkasniemi: Utuisia unelmia, 1900 €


Kari Pyykönen: Peony, 750 €


Niko Vartiainen: Peacock, 100 €


Greta Marjamäki: Change, 1400 €