Gofore invests in art

Gofore invests in art

Tech company Gofore invests in Finnish visual arts. The company has bought 12 artworks from Taiko to its office spaces in Tampere. The aim is to stimulate and increase creativity in the work place.



Elina Ruohonen: Nimetön.

Most of the artworks are abstract paintings by Elina Ruohonen and Jukka Virkkunen. Among the artworks are also photo art by photo artist Vesa Aaltonen.

Both Elina Ruohonen and Vesa Aaltonen come from Turku. Jukka Virkkunen has recently moved to Helsinki after having spent several years in Brazil.

Ruohonen studied visual arts in Tampere after which she moved back to her birthplace in the Turku area. Vesa Aaltonen is particularly known for his abstract nature photos. Jukka Virkkunen, originally from Jyväskylä, has been described as one of the future names in Finnish visual arts by Taiko's curator.


Jukka Virkkunen: Heat.  

Gofore, established in 2002, is a growth seeking digitalization company with more than 300 employees. It was voted the best work place in Finland in 2017.

"We want our growth to be reflected elsewhere as well. Supporting artists fits well in to our culture of doing good", says Timur Kärki, CEO of Gofore.

The staff was given the possibility to affect the artworks chosen. Among several alternatives an interesting mix of abstracts artworks was chosen for the Gofore office, situated in downtown Tampere.  


Vesa Aaltonen: Spring, of the series "Mindscapes".


Companies have called for easy and versatile channels for acquiring art. Taiko, launched in November 2016, answers to these needs by offering, in addition to a broad selection of Finnish visual art, for instance curator services, exhibitions, commissioned art and the arranging of art competitions.

One of the two owners of Taiko, Pia Edman, points out that companies are an important target group for Taiko. Companies buy art to enhance well-being among both employees and customers as well as to express their own values.

"Buying art can be for instance a way to profile one self as a supporter of Finnish culture and Finnish artists", Pia Edman says.

Taiko is a registered trademark owned by limited company Demosarte.