Business gifts from Taiko

Business gifts from Taiko

What is a suitable gift to an employer, a business partner or a board member? An artwork or a gift card to Taiko guarantees that the receiver of the gift gets a permanent memory. At the same time, the giver of the gift promotes Finnish culture and artists.

Look below for some tips for business gifts. Gift cards may be bought several at the same time from Taiko, but if the company wants to order for instance a series of prints or photographs, it is best to contact Taiko directly.


Kristiina Uusitalo: The Long Goodbye I


Leena Golnik: Syliote


Woodcuts by Jaana Kirjonen.


Maija Albrecht: Profile


Riitta Nelimarkka: From the series Oceania


Anu Halmesmaa: Insects series


Pekka Parviainen: Sole