See daddy's favourite artworks

See daddy's favourite artworks

What kind of art do fathers like? We asked three fathers to choose an artwork from Taiko's selection. You are guided to the artwork page by clicking the image.  

Forest to the living room

Tero Latvakangas, who will soon have his third child, likes nature themed paintings. If he could choose the artwork of his dreams, he'd pick a forest themed painting from Jarkko Rantanen.

"I got fascinated by the the theme and colors, and there would be a perfect empty wall in our living room for this piece."

Tero Latvakangas' favorite is a painting by Jarkko Rantanen, 3380 €.

Energetic athosphere

Photo art is close to the heart of Tomi Virtanen who recently got his second daughter. "This work by Vesa Loikas sparkles with energy - or perhaps the guy has passed out in a standing position. That would suit me well, too!" the busy entrepreneur laughs.

Tomi Virtanen enjoys Vesa Loikas' Rapid Development III, 780 €.

Nice and neutral

"This work would look good on my wall. As a matter of fact, I could have several works from this series. I especially like the nice and neutral colors", says Ilkka Nieminen, a dad of two. The artwork is from Vesa Aaltonen's series Mindscapes.

Ilkka Nieminen appreciates Vesa Aaltonen's work Reflections, 415 €.

More of guys' favorites

What kind of art have men bought from Taiko? We picked three artists whose works have mainly been purchased by male buyers.

Maija Vanhatapio

Maija Vanhatapio: Joy, 575 € 

Joonas Ennala

Joonas Ennala: Boy, 400 € 

Pekka Hokkanen

Pekka Hokkanen: Soiva kuppi, 250 €