Have a bite of eyecandy

Have a bite of eyecandy

If hunger surprises you, Taiko offers a solution. Food inspires many artists, so there is a lot of eyecandy available. However, these delicious portions are not recommended to be eaten, but perhaps a suitable place for one of them could be found on your kitchen wall. Choose your favourite and click the image to add the artwork into your shopping cart.


Marika Kotiranta: The Breakfast in the Bed, 990 €


Petra Kaminen-Mosher: Green Bowl III, 1380 €.


Katri Yli-Erkkilä: The Dinner, 980 €


Juha Kuosmanen: Trimmings, 1120 €.


Kaj Stenvall: The Fast Ones Eat Slow Food, 6580 €


Anna-Maija Mattila-Selin: Lust for sushi, 220 €


Sade Kahra: Shaped in darkness, 425 €


Anna Aho: Pecking order, 2520 €


Johnny Ramstedt: Pepsi Bottles (#89/16-9-9), 580,10 €


Irina Havaste-Ukkola: Kohlrabi and persimmon, 360 €


Jenny Renlund: Eggs in a jar, 640 €


Susanna Salama: Things are not so black and white, 1080 €