It all started from Elena

It all started from Elena

Taiko, the online marketplace for Finnish art, would probably never have been created if it wasn't for painter Elena Gabbasova. It is thanks to her that the idea of an online marketplace for Finnish art was born.

- It is of course nice to, although indirectly, have been part in inspiring a new and versatile marketplace for visual arts, Elena says.


Elena Gabbasova gave inspiration to the creation of Taiko.


Taiko's founders Pia and Patrik Edman met with Elena in Helsinki in the Spring of 2016. During the meeting, Elena said that she has a lot of paintings she would like to offer art lovers. The challenge was finding a suitable channel: how can an artist, who would most preferably do what she loves the most, that is painting, find a way to offer her art easily to a broader public?

This challenge Pia and Patrik started to think about - but not for long. It was clear pretty quickly that there was no broad and convenient digital marketplace for contemporary art. Pia and Patrik began their quest to plan and create an online marketplace, where the artist and art buyer could meet.

Already half a year later, in November 2016, Taiko was launched. Today, Taiko is the world's broadest marketplace for Finnish visual arts, offering around 6000 artworks by more than 500 artists from all around Finland. 

Hundreds of artists have already sold their art through Taiko, and at the same time homes and offices have gotten a vitamin injection with the help of art.


Elena Gabbasova: Summer in Singapore, 4000 €.


The artist

Who is Elena Gabbasova and what kind of art does she create? Elena has studied art in Russia, but has lived in Finland since the 1990's. She is a member of the Helsinki Artists' Association, and she has had numerous exhibitions in both Finland and abroad. Elena paints on canvas, mostly with oil colors and pastels. The motives of her paintings are found in both landscapes and people. She is also a recognized portrait painter, having immortalized many famous persons with her paintbrush.

She prefers to paint outdoors, where colors, light and life itself act as sources of inspiration. Sometimes she is most at home in her studio.

- I mostly paint for myself. Some artists focus more on what they think the public wants. If you concentrate on the sales aspect, it may spill over in the artwork. When an artist creates art from her own perspective, the artwork gets a certain depth. It is kind of a paradox, that the art of experienced artists arouses more interest than art by artists, who mainly act from a selling perspective, Elena says.


Elena Gabbasova: The loss of a loved one, 6000 €.


Elena Gabbasova: After the show, 1500 €.


Elena does not want to push her own thougths of an artwork on to the viewer. Instead, she hopes the artwork speaks for itself.

- An artist speaks with her brush, but each person makes her own interpretation of the artwork. Art should generate some feelings or thougths - if so, it has fulfilled its goal, Elena says.

She is in many ways a typical artist. She loves being an artist and creating art, but at the same time she finds it challenging to sell herself and her art.

- Therefore, the basic idea of Taiko is appealing. It is a neutral marketplace where I can present and sell my art. At the same time, Taiko is a place for the art buyer where you can get to know various artists and their art, in the comfort of your own home. And if you find some artwork pleasing, you can purchase it, Elena says.   


Elena Gabbasova: Helsinki waterfront, 3800 €.