Meet Taiko's new curator

Meet Taiko's new curator

Nina Toppila is the new curator for Taiko, the online store for Finnish art. Nina brings valuable expertise from her long background in the art sector. Quality is an important criteria for Taiko, and the main task for the curator is to evaluate artists who want to join Taiko.

"I am very pleased about the cooperation, and it is inspiring to get to know the selection of art and artists on Taiko. Taiko has many irons in the fire, and I'm looking forward to be a part of new things", Nina says.

Nina Toppila med en akvarell av bildkonstnär Arto Korhonen:

Nina Toppila with a watercolor painting by visual artist Arto Korhonen: "I like his art because he still manages to challenge the boundaries for painting, takes a stand an surprises every time."


The Finnish art field is small, and according to Nina new initiatives, like Taiko, are needed to bring out art and artists. More and more is happening online, and therefore it is natural that art can be bought online as well.

When buying art, you should according to Nina follow your own heart and feelings, even if the purchase is made as an investment.

"Trust your own taste, but challenge yourself at the same time. The artwork doesn't necessarily have to match the color of your couch. It is enough, if the artwork triggers a feeling or thought, that you would like to maintain in your own space", Nina says.

Taiko's new curator has worked with various national and international art and cultural projects for almost 15 years. Nina has also worked for the Academy of Fine Arts, where she got to know many young artists. She has since 2011 been the director for Forum Box, which is Finland's largest artist driven gallery.

Taiko also cooperates with another curator, Susanne Procopé Ilmonen. At the moment, Susanne participates in the cooperation between Taiko and Kesko with the planning of the art experience at Kesko's new headquarters.