Get energy from colours

Get energy from colours

November is a long and dark month. However, you can affect your mood with colours. An easy way to bring a bit of colour to your life is to choose a colourful artwork.

The colour red is considered to be the colour of life - it's the colour of blood, heart and fire. Red symbolizes love and makes you feel warm. The colour orange is said to balance emotions and intelligence. In many religions, it is thought to be a sacred color. Orange brings vitality, reduces fatigue and depression and increases courage. Yellow is the color of light, bringing sunshine to gloomy times. Yellow also symbolizes intelligence and increases optimism and joyfulness.

We picked out some red, orange and yellow works of art from Taiko's selection to brighten the darkness. Choose your favorite and add it to the shopping cart by clicking the picture.


Katri Mononen: Wreck, 3260 €


Marja Mali: Granny`s Garden: Lathyrus, 2620 €.


Elina Laurinen: Red Evening, 1310 €


Riitta Nelimarkka: My Aunt is something else, 260 €


Riitta Förström: Magic, 580 €.


Marika Kotiranta: Happy, 560 €


Hanna Uggla: Stairs, 1290 €


Taiteilija AnneMilana: Fairy of the Wind, 3420 €


Jaana Kirjonen: Sun power, 530 €


Hannu Sillanpää: Autumn picture, 260 €


Päivi Reiman: In My Eyes Yellow, 510 €


Mari Kopra: Suddenly gone, forever here, 920 €. 


Timo Sailaranta: Arrival to Rome, 1280 €


Lars Holmström: Leimon 2, 1580 € 


Vappu Johansson: Valon päivä 1, 520 €


Sinikka Salmi: Yellow, 1080 €


Hanna Holma: The joyful fish family is very well organised with its preparations for the evening, 289,70€


Paula Nordfors: Dance of the Light, 1280 €


Anna Lucia Silfvast: Lemon yellow sun, 350 €