Art for Christmas

Art for Christmas

Would you like to give sustainable and personal Christmas gifts? In that case, Finnish art is a good alternative.

Art as a gift is a permanent memory, giving the receiver joy through life. Art acts as a reminder of the giver, and it hids a unique story of the situation the present was given. Taiko's selection consists of thousands of artworks in various price categories and various sizes and colors.

Some artists, such as photo artists Pirjo Tikkinen and Vesa Aaltonen, have planned special packages for their artworks, making them easy to slip into the present sack.

Taiko also offers giftcards, with which the receiver may choose just the right artwork for himself or herself. Giftcards with a value of at least 200 euro, can be shipped to the receiver printed on thick paper.


Pirjo Tikkisen valokuvateokset toimitetaan kätevässä pakkauksessa.

Pirjo Tikkinen's photo art is delivered in a handy carton case.


Myös Vesa Aaltonen on kehittänyt oman pakkauksen teoksilleen.

Vesa Aaltonen has also developed his own case for artworks.


Taikon lahjakortilla saaja hankkii juuri hänelle sopivan taideteoksen.

With Taiko's giftcard the receiver may choose just the right artwork for herself.