Buy a unique Christmas gift

Buy a unique Christmas gift

Give a personal and sustainable Christmas gift in the form of art. A unique piece of art creates memories and lasts for decades. We handpicked some artworks that fit perfectly with the Christmas season atmosphere.

Add an artwork to the shopping cart by clicking the image. Shipping is included to many European countries. Remember to order fast to make sure your presents are delivered in time for Christmas.

Another personal gift alternative is to surprise friends and family with a gift card to Taiko. In that way, the receiver can choose an artwork herself/himself, as a memory of you and the Christmas of 2018.


Sirkku Ala-Harja: Metamorphosis III, Wintergarden series, 870 €

Arto Komulainen: Snowing in Forest, 1072 €

Hanna Schroderus: Winter Bear, 340

Heli Kurunsaari: Frozen, 1880 € 

Hanna Lamnaouer: Mist, 360 € 

Miika Nyyssönen: Kalasatama, joulukuu, 370 €

Riitta Supperi: Foggy Meadow, 570 €

Marjo Hyvärinen: December, 295 € 

Laura Konttinen: A Winter Fugue, 780 €

Paula Nordfors: Winter Sleep, 1620 € 

Tiina Lehtimäki: Winter is coming, so am I, 730 €

Liisa Harju: Ice on the beach, 240 €

Solveig Lindroos: Still, 1400 €

Annimari Taivalsaari: Winter, 620 €

Antti Koli: Merisavu Uutelassa, 840 €

Irina Rebnitskaya: Winter Day, 680 €

Sirpa Ojala: Christmas night, 300 €

Dietmar Tallroth: Reflection, Komio, 2015, 730 € 

Kalle Laitinen: Show, 1620 €

Leena Räsanen: Connected, 630 € 

Juha Vehviläinen: Tchaikovsky's dream, 850 €

Timo Laitala: Nostalgy Heavy Snow, 960 €

Victoria Yaroshik: Winter in Naantali, 520 €

Julia Weckman: Cover, 3020 €