Buy a cat from Taiko

Buy a cat from Taiko

Cats are the most common pet animals in the world. It is estimated, that there are around 600 million cats worldwide, including both domestic and wild cats.

Cats are a natural source of inspiration for many artists as well. We picked out 15 cat related artworks on Taiko, the online gallery for Finnish art. Is there room for a guaranteed housetrained cat in your home or office? Click on the image to be directed to the artwork page.


Pike Kokkonen: Mr. Blue, 780 €


Anna-Maija Mattila-Selin: Flying, 240 €


Miika Nyyssönen: Nemo och Nessu 2, 260 e


Sirpa Ojala: Viivy vielä vähän, 480 €


Cata Ahlbäck: Yes Sir, I can boogie!, 169 €


Petra Kaminen-Mosher: Mesmerised, 1080 €


Mari Isotalo: Tiger's Daydream, 710 €


Erja Laakkonen: Utelias, 215 €


Marja-Leena Etula: Yellow cat, 330 €


Tiina Poutanen: Kissamieli, 190 €


Markku Mäkelä: The Coffee Break, 1280 €


Eliisa Isoniemi: Play, 260 €


Virpi Hakala: Cat, 455 €


Age-Elisa Riekkinen: Valtataistelua, 104,90 €


Leena Golnik: Fishing, 340 €