Taiko one year

Taiko one year

Taiko, the online store for Finnish art, turns one year in November. Taiko has during its first year of existence established itself as a new digital marketplace for Finnish art for both consumers and companies.

Many have bought their first artworks ever through Taiko, which shows that the service also has reached those who haven't been reached by traditional channels for buying art.


Taikon yksivuotispäivän juhlatunnelmia kuvastaa valokuvataiteilija Vesa Loikkaan teos Nopea kehitys 1.

The cheerful atmosphere of Taiko's one year anniversary here depicted by photo artist Vesa Loika's artwork Rapdi development I.


"It is unbelievable that a year has passed since Taiko's opening. We couldn't have imagined a better welcome. Many have acquired beautiful art to their homes and offices, and one fourth of all artists on Taiko have already sold their art through the service", the founders of Taiko, Pia and Patrik Edman say.

To celebrate the anniversary, buyers on Taiko receive a five percent discount on all artworks in November. The discount is calculated in the checkout phase on Taiko when entering the code TAIKO1YEAR.


Patrik ja Pia kansainvälisessä pitchauskilpailussa Riikassa keväällä 2017.

Patrik and Pia in an international pitching competition in Riga in the Spring of 2017.


Taiko's opening was held in Microsoft Flux in Helsinki on the 29th November 2016. Both artists, partners and other friends of Taiko participated in the event. See two images below.

Taiko's one year anniversary is celebrated on November 15th in SparkUp's facilities in Turku. See Facebook-event.


Suomen Taiteilijaseuran toiminnanjohtaja Kirsi Korhonen piti puheen Taikon avajaisissa.

The CEO of The Artists' Association of Finland, Kirsi Korhonen, gave a speech at Taiko's opening.


Around 100 persons, among them artists and  investors, participated in Taiko's opening.

Around 100 persons, among them artists and  investors, participated in Taiko's opening.


Taikon syntyhetki toukokuussa 2016.

Taiko is born in May of 2016.