Show attitude with a big artwork

Show attitude with a big artwork

From Taiko's collection you can find art in all sizes. A big and spectacular work of art brings attitude and personality to you decor. You can find the biggest paintings from Taiko's search by choosing XL as the size. This will show you all the pieces that are over 120 cm from at least one side. Choose your favorite and add it to the shopping cart by clicking the image. 


Heini Turunen: Electricity in the Air, 2680 €


Katri Mononen: Panda Marsh, 1980 €.


Silja Selonen: Gone, 2380 €.


Miika Nyyssönen: Ladders of the Night, 1995 €.


Kati Mikola: A lot of pixels, 4580 €.


Mika Natri: Limbus III, 4380 €.


Eeva Honkanen: Shut-eye, 2980 €


Maritta Meckelborg: River bank, 1668 €


Veera Tiainen: Sofa Painting, 1260 €


Sanna Haimila: Untitled, from the series Flow, 2680 €


Jukka Suhonen: White Butterfly, 2180 €


Juha Kuosmanen: Fog, 1900 €


Nelli Nio: Medusas, 2680 €


Sari Tenni: Music Taste, 1280 €


Hanna Uggla: Flowerdance I, 2985 €


Mari-Kaarina Arvinen: Safety Pog, 2490 €


Olga Seppänen: The beauties of the backyard, 1980 €