Get inspired by the autumn trends

Get inspired by the autumn trends

Autumn is new beginnings, nights getting darker and beautiful colours of the nature. Autumn is also the perfect time to renew your decoration as the new trends arrive. Purchasing new art is a quick and effective way to brighten up your home. Art is a good way to fight the darkness of autumn. Decorating your home is an art form and a great way of expressing yourself.

This year's autumn trends show rich colors and unexpected and bold combinations, in colors, styles and materials. Strong geometric patterns and large flower patters bring personality and variation. Soft pastels soothe and powerful yellow and gold give energy. In blue tones, especially navy blue and electrons are trendy at the moment.

We’ve collected the best artworks for the autumn’s trendiest homes. Get creative by purchasing art!


Leena Joro: For the weekend we collected flowers, 680 €


Sari Bremer: Jungle law, 679,50 €


Niko Vartiainen: Malibuu, 140 €


Janne Mikael Rehmonen: 1672 REMIX, 1070 €


Maija Kurki: Blessing, 1620 €


Hanna Holma: The organ is humming calmly and indisputably: One must live and give one's all!, 930 €


Jukka Suhonen: Ghosts, 1120 €


Minna Mukari: Two lost souls, 3880 €


Juha-Matti Pitkänen: Reflections of something XVI, 710 €


Marja Maljonen: Spring light, 1320 €


Mari Kopra: Symbiosis, 430 €


Anna Lucia Silfvast: Come into my sleep, 750 €


Lauri Rajamäki: Meditative meets meditative, 1620 €


Satu Laurel: In the blue, 2020 €


Sirkku Ala-Harja: Lotus III, Wintergarden series, 1620 €


Katja Skinnari: Under water, 290 €


Marja Ollikainen: Moment of choosing, 1020 €