htmlMost viewed in August

Most viewed in August

Most viewed in August

Among the most viewed artists on Taikon in August were three photo artists, one painter and one graphic artist. Take a closer look at the artists and their art by clicking the images below.

"Life is not that serious"


Eve Alasaarela


For the Tampere-based artist Eve Alasaarela, painting means being present as in dancing, with every cell.

"Beauty, joy and humor are important for me. They oftentimes engage with the deepest insights of life - life is not that serious."

After joining Taiko at the spring time, Eve has sold three artworks. The two latest ones were sold almost immediately after she added them on the website.


Eve Alasaarela: Vision, 500 €.



Dancers and Turku


Vesa Loikas


Photo artist Vesa Loikas, living in Turku, explores the interactions, relationships and juxtapositions formed when landscape, architecture and people come together.

On Taiko, Vesa sells both Turku-themed artworks as well as photos of dancers he has taken pictures of in different countries.



Vesa Loikas: Character Dancer, 820 €.

"I question my own starting points"


Sade Kahra


Sade Kahra Sade Kahra is a fine art photographer from Stockholm based in Turku.

"Environment and nature affect my work, at the same time I want to explore and question my own starting point for observing the world."



Sade Kahra: Toinen puoli on siinä välissä - kasvavan liikkeen jäljet (Chicago), 364 €.



Emma Kantanen


Espoo-based Emma Kantanen is illustrator, graphic novel writer and game artist. She has sold three graphic prints on Taiko.

Emma describes herself as storyteller in a recent interview in Helsingin Sanomat and tells that all her drawings are based on one story or more.



Emma Kantanen: Fable: Rotunda, 100 €.


Observing surroundings



Nina-Maria Oförsagd


Photo and video artist Nina-Maria Oförsagd lives in Helsinki and is interested in observing surroundings to find places that have their own character.

On Taiko, Nina-Maria is selling a set of parallel series of images called "Aerodynamic Aircraft".


Nina-Maria Oförsagd: Pudotettu, 1600 €.