Create good atmosphere with art

Create good atmosphere with art

Creating a good atmosphere has become more and more important for Finnish companies. The atmosphere forms the base of a company, and success is built on top of this base. If focus lies only on numbers and charts, the base may start to crumble.

Marjo Rantanen has researched the meanings and importance of a positive atmosphere. While someone still might describe atmosphere as something diffuse, Marjo stresses in her new book that atmosphere matters more and more.

- A good atmosphere helps you accomplish your goals. It's like energy pushing everything onto a new and lighter level. In a good atmosphere, people thrive, they work faster and feel better while doing it. 

Marjo Rantanen


Does the environment encourage you to innovate?

A company's atmosphere is made up of the office environment, procedures and colleagues. Rantanen points out that art is an element that raises the atmosphere at work.

- Art creates a good spirit and friendship between people and the work space. An interesting artwork inspires and opens up your mind. It offers a welcoming break during which to charge your batteries.

An environment with inspiring art is a sign that the company cares for its staff and customers. An office space decorated with art creates a welcoming and respecting feeling among both personnel and visitors.

Rantanen encourages the management to think of ways to create a atmosphere in which people feel comfortable with themselves and others. It is for instance important to put effort into making comfortable conference rooms, to inspire creativity and innovate people. 

The atmosphere has an effect on the company's result in the long run and it is also a key factor when recruiting.

- A team with a good spirit is more productive, effective and creative. Investing in the atmosphere through for instance art helps the employee thrive and to manage work. Atmosphere has a great impact on people: A good atmosphere attracts people, a bad atmosphere pushes them away.

Marketing and analytics company Quru's office in Turku enhanced the atmosphere through Samuli Suonperä's painting.

Katja Skinnari's painting put a smile on the faces of advertising agency 4D:s personnel.